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Recycling and reuse

Article on the circular economy co-authored by Dr Khaled Soufani and colleagues at the Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School is chosen as a featured article in the California Management Review. Dr Khaled Soufani An article on the…

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The Conversation: UK Budget 2018: experts respond

Michael Kitson, Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on the Budget 2018. Michael said chancellor Philip Hammond talked about important initiatives such as more funding for the NHS and business rate relief, but there was…

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Market Screener: China Mobile: Dual drivers

Peter Williamson, Honorary Professor of International Management at Cambridge Judge, comments about China’s economy and how government-driven initiatives and private companies can support it. "State-driven initiatives around climbing the technological ladder and Made in China 2025 are needed to make…

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China Global Television Network: China’s economy is driven by consumption

Simon Taylor, Faculty (Professor level) in Management Practice at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on how China’s economy is shifting toward consumption. “This partly reflects high incomes of Chinese people. Many of them are now spending not so much on…

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Legislating labour in the long run

Researchers have built the single largest dataset of employment laws – spanning more than 100 countries across much of post-war history – to look at how worker rights affect economies over decades. There's a familiar story that goes something like…

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Circular and special

Director Khal Soufani and two Fellows of the Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge are guest editors of a new special issue of the California Management Review on the circular economy. The Director and two Fellows of the Circular Economy…

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Geopolitical and security shocks rise across the world

The potential impact of geopolitical and security shocks on the economy of the world’s largest cities has risen by 16 per cent in the last year, according to the 2018 update of the Global Risk Index from the Centre for…

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Chinese firms going global

Chinese firms are becoming more global as they debate whether to become public companies, says Professor David De Cremer of Cambridge Judge Business School. Companies that go public in the US can create plenty of attention, with the CEO ringing…

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Chinese economic growth

A new study co-authored by Professor Peter Williamson and Simon Hoenderop of Cambridge Judge calls for an alternative 'bottom-up' index to measure China's economic growth. China's official statistics on growth in gross domestic product (GDP) – 6.9 per cent in…

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The Times: Brexit: Impact will be small, say economists

Treasury forecasts on Brexit have been criticised for being too pessimistic. A research paper entitled How the Economics Profession Got it Wrong on Brexit, sent out by the campaign group Briefings for Brexit, found that the decision to take the…

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