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Eden Yin

Five insights on building a strong brand

Every company knows the value of a strong brand, but firms often think too narrowly by thinking of branding as only a marketing exercise. Dr Eden Yin Dr Eden Yin, University Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School,…

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Global branding seminars

Delegation from Chulalongkorn Business School in Bangkok attend five days of seminars on global branding presented by the Executive Education division of Cambridge Judge Business School. A delegation from the Master in Branding and Marketing programme at Chulalongkorn Business School…

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China cost innovation

Unconventional organisational processes, not only lower-cost talent, have led to cost innovation among Chinese companies, says a new study co-authored by Peter Williamson and Eden Yin of Cambridge Judge Business School's Cambridge Centre for Chinese Management. The cost advantage of…

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Business lessons from China

A new Cambridge Centre for Chinese Management launches at Cambridge Judge Business School to study world-beating Chinese firms and what the West can learn from them. A new Cambridge Centre for Chinese Management (CCCM) has launched at the University of…

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Navigating the new car industry

'Massive and dramatic' disruption of the auto industry presents eight key issues for incumbent carmakers, says article co-authored by experts from Cambridge Judge Business School and Jaguar Land Rover. "Massive and dramatic" shifts in the auto industry present eight key…

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Tearing up the innovation rulebook

Why a new approach to innovation could give Chinese companies the edge over their western rivals, says Cambridge Judge professor Peter Williamson. Think the challenge from China is all about low-cost manufacturing? Think again. A new approach to innovation, which…

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China Daily: Riding on emotions

China is an important market for global brands, but consumers here are seen as “volatile and fickle” so companies are struggling to keep up with their changing tastes, writes Andrew Moody in China Daily. Dr Eden Yin, University Senior Lecturer…

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The Economist: Should your chief executives be on social media?

Dr Eden Yin, University Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on reasons why senior executives might avoid social media and outlines reasons why CEOs should join the conversation online. “There’s a shift underway that calls for…

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The Economist: The China wave

Whereas a Western software firm typically releases an early "beta" version of a product only to a select group of guinea-pigs, Chinese firms are more likely to launch theirs straight into the market: they use consumers as co-creators, seeking their…

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MIT Sloan Management Review: Accelerated Innovation: The new challenge from China

Peter Williamson, Honorary Professor of International Management and Eden Yin, University Senior Lecturer in Marketing, report that Chinese companies are taking the global lead in innovation. Peter and Eden have spent three years investigating how Chinese companies are accelerating R&D…

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