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How property rights affect marketing by microentrepreneurs

People in developing countries who lease rather than simply dwell in their shop premises are far more likely to invest in marketing innovations, finds study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. The world’s community of “microentrepreneurs” is far from micro.…

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Portrait of a mature man in front of his store on a bazaar market.

Creative legitimacy

Social ventures in authoritarian countries should combine ‘protective disguise’ with ‘harmonious advocacy’, says study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Jochem Kroezen Social ventures provide increasingly important services in countries seen as “authoritarian”, but have frequently aroused suspicion and…

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Social ventures can risk drawing dangerous attention from the government and police in authoritarian countries.

Egyptian social enterprise

Egypt's new law restricting non-governmental organisations has created an opportunity for social enterprises to fill the void, says Isabel Brüggemann, PhD candidate at Cambridge Judge Business School. Isabel Brüggemann The historic Karnak Temple in the Egyptian city of Luxor is…

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Karnak Temple.

The News Hub: Steering the wheel towards a better economic status

Dr Shima Barakat, Research and Teaching Fellow at Centre for Entrepreneurship Learning, Cambridge Judge Business School, recently attended the RiseUp summit in Egypt where she was a keynote speaker at one of the panel discussions. In her speech Shima highlighted…

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Zawya: Economic development to be led by innovation & entrepreneurship: RiseUp Summit

The RiseUp Summit, the largest forum for entrepreneurs in Egypt welcomed delegates from various fields including education, technology, renewable energy and others. Dr. Shima Barakat, Research and Teaching Fellow at Centre for Entrepreneurship Learning was moderating one of the panels…

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Aidan Manktelow, Economist Intelligence Unit: The CIVETS

The CIBAM July 2011 Global Business Symposium on ‘BRICS and Beyond’ adventured into the unknown territory of which economies will be dominant when the pages of the future are turned to 2050! Aidan Manktelow, Senior Economist and Risk Briefing Manager…

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