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New data reveals timeline of China’s bitcoin mining exodus

Research team from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), unveils new datasets showing geographic shifts in Bitcoin mining – with China's share declining sharply even before a government crackdown in June 2021. by Michel Rauchs, Digital Assets Lead at…

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New virtual money concept, Gold Bitcoins.

The Economist: Deep in rural China, bitcoin miners are packing up

A new update of Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge reveals that China’s share of total Bitcoin mining power has declined from 75.5% in September 2019 to 46% in April…

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Financial Times: Bitcoin’s growing energy problem: ‘It’s a dirty currency’

Some more press coverage for the Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index developed by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, based at Cambridge Judge Business School, in the Financial Times. “The latest calculation from Cambridge university’s Bitcoin Electricity Consumption index suggests that bitcoin…

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The Telegraph: Green energy drive puts Britain’s resilience in doubt

Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on UK’s green energy supply. “We need more interconnection with the rest of Europe,” says Professor Pollitt. “We have a fairly isolated grid but we are building more…

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BBC News: Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin over climate concerns, says Musk

Further coverage of a research from the Centre for Alternative Finance: an online tool created by Michel Rauchs that estimates the electricity consumption of Bitcoin. The index shows “that the process of mining the cryptocurrency - which involves using vast…

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New Europe: Europe must decarbonise three times faster to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

Cambridge Judge’s Professor Michael Pollitt and Dr Chi Kong Chyong comment on Europe’s decarbonisation policy. “We have remodelled the European Commission’s 1.5 TECH and COMBO scenarios and took them further with two additional, extreme cases. Our conclusion is straightforward: European…

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Financial Times: The environmental idiocy of Tesla’s bitcoin bet

Bitcoin energy usage tool developed at Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School is mentioned in the FT article. Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) provides a real-time estimate of the total annual electricity usage of the…

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Barron’s: Most Bitcoin is made in China. Competitors are chipping away

Michel Rauchs, Research Assistant at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative, comments on Bitcoin mining in China. He says that cheap electricity is not the only metric any more as investors “are also weighing regulatory risk and management quality.” Michel adds:…

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Smart Energy International: The true cost of cyber attacks

Cyberattacks on electricity networks in the UK could cost £111 million daily, according to new research at the Centre for Risk Studies. Report author Dr Edward Oughton said that national infrastructure such as smart electricity networks “are susceptible to malicious…

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Energy Live News: Cyberattacks on London’s power grid ‘could cost £111m a day’

A study on ‘cyber-physical’ attacks on London’s electricity network examines the relationship between economic damage and the number of substations, calculating that the potential impact could cost up to £111 million a day. Lead author Dr Edward Oughton, Research Associate…

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