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emotional intelligence

Cambridge Independent: How Owlstone’s HR rolled out an award-winning suite of enterprise skills on Cambridge Science Park

Lizzy Burke, VP of HR at Owlstone Medical – winner of the 2022 Enterprise Skills Award sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School – speaks about the Owlstone Medical Learning and Development programme. The award reflects the…

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South China Morning Post: Crazy Rich Asians: Post-Covid, Singapore banks woo next-generation wealth with rich kids’ boot camp

In September, Citi Bank hosted a small group of scions at Cambridge Judge Business School. There, they learned how to take over the family business, mastering emotional intelligence and leadership, and pivoting operations in face of disruption, the article says.…

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Sadness vs fear

The ability to recognise emotions of others is important but can get lost in translation, so a new study develops a face-based test not affected by linguistic differences. The ability to recognise emotions expressed by others is vital for job…

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Employee growth

Emotionally intelligent behaviour by supervisors boosts employee creativity and motivation, finds study co-authored by Dr Jochen Menges of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Jochen Menges Supervisors who demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviour are linked to creativity and innovation among employees, finds…

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Cambridge Independent: Cambridge Judge Business School author is executive coaching star

Helena Kim, an executive coach and coaching psychologist at Cambridge Judge Business School, has published her first book on 6 October. The book entitled Soft Skills for Hard People: A practical guide to emotional intelligence for rational leaders offers guidance…

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Financial Times: Can we learn to be flexible

Dr Jochen Menges, University Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses how emotional intelligence can help people be more flexible in the workplace. He says it is fine to have emotions, but it’s important to pause and…

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HR Zone: The dark side of emotional intelligence

A research on emotional intelligence, co-authored by Dr Jochen Menges, University Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in the article. The research found that when a charismatic leader gives an emotional speech, the audience is…

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The psychologist who reminds us that emotions affect our working lives

Do emotions matter in the workplace? Jochen Menges, an expert in organisational behaviour, thinks they matter profoundly for employee performance and behaviour. His research into leadership reveals that charisma has both positive and negative outcomes. Being awestruck by a charismatic…

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