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employment rights

Contingent employment and innovation

by Dr Sunwoo Hwang, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance There has been a rapid increase in contingent employment worldwide. As of 2015, it accounts for 15.8 per cent of the US labor…

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Legislating labour in the long run

Researchers have built the single largest dataset of employment laws – spanning more than 100 countries across much of post-war history – to look at how worker rights affect economies over decades. There's a familiar story that goes something like…

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2018 Brainfood: Legislating labour in the long run.

You’re fired!

Lifting the burden of regulation on business might make the UK more competitive, but further changes could have an adverse impact on our knowledge economy In a new podcast interview for Cambridge Judge Business School's expert comment series, Simon Deakin,…

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Professor simon deakin

Defining the ‘Big Society’

Fundamentally, says Dr Paul Tracey, the 'Big Society' is an organisational concept, but to date employers have been excluded from the narrative Dr Paul Tracey, Reader in Human Resources & Organisations at Cambridge Judge Business School, says giving employees more…

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Dr paul tracey