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EnterpriseWISE becomes EnterpriseWOMEN

The new EnterpriseWOMEN programme at Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre features a Saturday format and new focus on sharing real-world practical guidance and inspiration to reach a broader range of women entrepreneurs. The EnterpriseWISE programme has been delivered by the Entrepreneurship…

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Financial Times: Science start-ups struggle to bridge the gender gap

The course they are attending, EnterpriseWISE, is run by Cambridge Judge Business School and is in  its fifth year. The point is to encourage more female scientists working in science, technology,  engineering and mathematics to start companies, says Shima Barakat, who designed…

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Cambridge Independent: How 3D printed food will put playfulness on the menu

Nūfood, a Cambridge startup specialising in 3D food printing, is planning to launch an app and Robot 3D food printer later this summer. CEO Vaiva Kalnikaite said: “Our approach is to introduce playfulness back into the kitchen, adding interesting flavours…

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The Banker: Why are there so few women in fintech?

The EnterpriseWISE programme for women in science, tech and engineering, run by the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School, is mentioned in an article on fintech gender diversity. (registration required). Read the full article []  …

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Cambridge TV: Business Focus – Dr Shima Barakat

Dr Shima Barakat, Director of Entrepreneurial Learning Programmes & Engagement and Director of EnterpriseWISE features in Cambridge TV's Business Focus. In this video, Dr Shima Barakat gives examples of entrepreneurial ventures at Cambridge Judge Business School, insight to the Entrepreneurship Centre…

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The women transforming the Middle East

These Middle Eastern entrepreneurs are changing the face of global innovation. And they are all women. Esraa Saleh is a petite, veiled, 23-year-old woman from a tiny, traditional rural village in Egypt. Not exactly unusual in Egypt, but a very different…

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Women-only spaces boost female tech entrepreneurs

Cambridge research finds women-only programmes have best impact on female tech entrepreneurs. Could women-only programmes be the solution to getting more women to set up businesses in the high-growth tech sectors? Dr Shima Barakat, who specialises in research in the…

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Financial Times: Women must unite to maximise success in start-ups

Ian Wylie looks at what business training is offered to female entrepreneurs in various countries. Shima Barakat, Head of Entrepreneurial Learning Programmes & Engagement at Cambridge Judge’s Entrepreneurship Centre, highlights the importance of role models and women-only forums and tells…

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Cambridge TV: Women in enterprise

Shima Barakat, Head of Entrepreneurial Learning Programmes & Engagements at the Entrepreneurship Centre, discusses women in STEM, gender stereotypes in business and why there are so few women in entrepreneurship. Watch the video []…

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Start-ups: How to avoid the pitfalls

Margherita Cesca, a founder of Architettura MCMM and alumna of the EnterpriseWISE programme at Cambridge Judge Business School, gives some tips for start-ups on how to avoid common pitfalls. Read the full article []  …

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