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EU startups: 10 Cambridge-based startups to look out for in 2019 and beyond

Two ventures connected to Cambridge Judge Business School are on the list of Cambridge startups “to look out for” in 2019. Healx is seeking breakthroughs for rare diseases through artificial intelligence, and Entomics aims to convert food waste into energy.…

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Salmon Business: Fly feed start-up Entomics: “We’re making it perform better”

An interview with Matt McLaren, co-founder of Entomics startup and alumnus of Cambridge Judge Business School (MBA 2014). The startup uses insects for bioconversion of low-value waste feedstocks into high-value agricultural products like fish feed. Entomics was previously on the…

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Entomics and sustainability

Maggots and rotting food waste: a new recipe for sustainable fish and animal feed from Entomics, which was supported by Cambridge Judge Business School. In a warehouse to the northeast of Cambridge are shelves upon shelves of trays teeming with…

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Business Weekly: From maggots to meals

The Entomics Biosystems startup aims to reduce food waste by converting it into energy or food for fish and animals. The team is using insects - specifically the Black Soldier Fly - as an efficient biological catalyst. The startup is…

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Cambridge News: £900k for startup using insects to feed salmon

Entomics Biosystems announced that it is part of a research collaboration awarded almost £900,000 by Innovate UK to investigate the effectiveness of insect-derived feeds for farmed salmon. The startup was on the Accelerate Cambridge programme run by the Entrepreneurship Centre…

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Business Weekly: Funding boosts free surge of agricultural innovation

Entomics has been awarded £60,000 from the Eastern Agri-Tech Growth to address the issue of food waste. The start-up, supported by the Accelerate Cambridge programme at Cambridge Judge Business School, is working on converting food waste into useful substances such…

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Cambridge TV: Cambridge entrepreneurs – Entomics

In the first of a Cambridge Entrepreneurs series on Cambridge TV, Accelerate Cambridge’s Luther Phillips meets with the Entomics (formerly Entomos) team to chat about their venture and hear their ideas. The start-up, supported by the Accelerate Cambridge programme at…

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