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environmental social and governance (ESG) practices

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Cambridge Judge Business School will deliver environmental, social and governance (ESG) skills to KPMG employees around the world as part of new collaboration. Cambridge Judge Business School faculty and other experts will deliver skills relating to environmental, social and governance…

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Toeing the line

Conformity with environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices can carry negative reputation 'spillovers' when peers are publicly criticised, says paper at Cambridge Judge recognised for two Academy of Management awards. Companies seek the "safety of conformity" in an environment of…

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A summary of recent research and other initiatives from Cambridge Judge Business School. Every element of business concerns, in some way, reputation – ranging from a firm's reliability, to its customer-service profile, to its stock market performance. Many studies by…

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Monitoring sustainability

Three changes are needed to maintain precision in environmental, social and governance activities as the ESG pace quickens, says Hannah-Polly Williams, a recent Executive MBA participant at Cambridge Judge Business School, who studied these issues for her Individual Project as…

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In the style of paper cut art, a panorama of trees, wind turbines, houses and hills, with a bicycle in the foreground.

Network for Business Sustainability: Corporate sustainability reputation matters most during crises

Nareuporn Piyasinchai, a PhD candidate in the Strategy & International Business subject group at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses reputation management during crisis. A recent study co-authored with Dr Matthew Grimes, suggests companies should pay more attention to reputation in…

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Co-ordinated engagements

A research paper co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School on how investors can influence companies on environmental and social issues is named best paper in the annual Brandes Institute Prize. Professor Elroy Dimson A study authored by three people with…

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Reputational spirals

Public criticism during crises can prompt innovation in environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, but many firms instead get caught in a downward spiral, says Nareuporn Piyasinchai, a PhD candidate in the Strategy & International Business subject group at Cambridge…

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