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Cambridge Judge-led initiative to use drones to help document Ukraine atrocities

A UK initiative led by two Cambridge MBA students and Professor Mark de Rond of Cambridge Judge Business School seeks to document war crimes in Ukraine through drone-delivered images. lhor Kravets (MBA 2021) A UK initiative led by two Cambridge…

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Using Drones to document Ukraine war crimes.

Forbes: How extreme situations clarify your purpose, according to Cambridge Ethnography Professor Mark de Rond

An interview with Mark de Rond, Professor of Organisational Ethnography at Cambridge Judge Business School, about his research on human behaviour in extreme situations. “I’m intensely curious about what happens to people when they are forced into environments that are…

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Award-winning sense

Paper about 'sensemaking' on the Amazon co-authored by Mark de Rond and Jennifer Howard-Grenville wins Best Published Paper Award by OMT division of Academy of Management. Sunset on the Amazon River. A paper about "sensemaking" and a memorable journey down…

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Reflection of a sunset by a lagoon inside the Amazon Rainforest Basin.

Better video chat

Six ways to improve video conferencing interactions for you and your team, by Mark de Rond, Professor of Organisational Ethnography at Cambridge Judge Business School. Human beings are surprisingly good at drawing inferences from the behaviour of others, even based…

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Sense and sensibility

'Sensemaking' comes from the body as well as the mind: a new study from Cambridge Judge Business School on a 2,077-mile rowing trip down the Amazon shows how the body's capacity to 'feel' its surroundings can find a sensible way…

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Winning dissertation

Cambridge Judge dissertation paper by Corinna Frey-Heger on displacement organisation wins the best dissertation award of the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies. Corinna Frey, PhD candidate A PhD dissertation on refugee camp organisation, written by Dr Corinna Frey-Heger…

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Art doesn’t imitate life

As Dunkirk opens in UK cinemas, Professor Mark de Rond of Cambridge Judge writes in The Independent on how Hollywood war casualties are far different from the real thing he witnessed at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. On Friday 21 July…

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The Conversation: How context makes PTSD hard to understand, and not just for Trump

Mark de Rond, Professor of Organisational Ethnography at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes on war-related post-traumatic stress disorder and why it’s so difficult to understand it. “A better understanding of context – an acceptance that psychological reaction to ‘war’ goes…

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Fact: there is an I in team

Working on the Cam and at Camp Bastion, Dr Mark de Rond is turning the theory of teamwork on its head It's one of the most well-worn clichés in business: there's no 'I' in 'team'. But research by Dr Mark…

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End in sight for Cambridge Amazon rowers

Mark de Rond and Anton Wright are closing in on their aim to be the first unsupported team to row the Amazon. They have completed more than three quarters of the 2,077 navigable miles of the rivers in less than…

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