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Key new findings on price convergence from the euro

After spluttering results in the original eurozone, later adopters of the euro in Central and Eastern Europe saw strong price convergence with other EU nations, says new study from Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Paul Kattuman When 12 European countries…

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Array of euro bank notes.

Shift from macroeconomics to wealth creation

Business leaders, academics and policy-makers meeting in Cambridge agreed that the time is right to move on from macro-economics and turn instead to the production side of economies. Delegates attending Cambridge Judge Business School's Centre for International Business and Management…

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Time is running out for the euro

A leading Cambridge economist predicts the death of the euro despite the efforts of policy makers who are papering over cracks and trapping very different countries with tight fiscal rules when they should have a looser monetary policy. Michael Kitson,…

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2013 podcast kitson eurocollapse

Professor Paul Krugman, Princeton University: Greece default – not if but when!

Professor Paul Krugman warns it would be a messy affair if Greece defaults on its debts Professor Paul Krugman, Professor of Economics & International Affairs at Princeton University is convinced that Greece will default on its massive debts and will…

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