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The ‘present’ is not only a moment in time, finds award-winning sustainability paper

A study co-authored by Helen Haugh of Cambridge Judge that finds a 'long present' in the thinking of African tea producers wins a Responsible Research in Management Award from the Academy of Management. Dr Helen Haugh Songwriters have long found…

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Lessons from Fair Trade Organisations

Dr Bob Doherty and Dr Helen Haugh share relevant insights for businesses, policy makers and civil society organisations from their latest research project on Fair Trade Organisations.…

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Social enterprises

Government public procurement legislation should ‘explicitly ensure’ that calls for tender favour enterprises that pursue social and environmental goals, says new report issued at World Economic Forum in Davos co-authored by Dr Helen Haugh of Cambridge Judge Business School.…

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A fair polish on diamonds

Cambridge Judge alumnus Tim Ingle co-founded a jewellery company that tells customers where and under what conditions their diamonds and other precious stones are sourced. Tim Ingle, co-founder of jewellery company Ingle & Rhode, can talk about diamonds, sapphires and…

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Why doing the right thing can pay dividends

Sophi Tranchell's leadership of Divine Chocolate is a sweet victory for integrity, inspiration and belief. Always be plausible and believe in what you are doing. I am a third generation social campaigner but I make money as well. My parents…

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Neeraj Agarwal (MBA 2005), Co-Founder and CEO of Tea People

How do you make a viable business out of a social enterprise? Simple, says Neeraj Agarwal: just have an amazing, professionally branded product "Not all social enterprise or fair trade products are great," says Neeraj Agarwal, "and some are presented…

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