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Investors’ Chronicle: Trapped by our past

According to a study co-authored by Raghavendra Rau, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, fund managers “who as children had seen their parents divorce or one of them die took less risk with their…

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Nature and nurture

Childhood disruption through parents' divorce or death is a "nurture"-related factor affecting risk taking of investment professionals, says study in Journal of Banking & Finance. Professor Raghavendra Rau It’s long been accepted that both nature and nurture influence the risk-taking…

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An MBA during global upheaval – COVID-19 vs 2008

How one Cambridge MBA’s experience in 2008 reveals lessons for MBAs of today: for Marina Maslowski Marsat (MBA 2008), embarking on the Cambridge MBA just as the global financial crisis broke in 2008 was a new challenge she hadn't anticipated.…

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Starting your MBA while still growing your family – a personal perspective

Julie Wang not only planned in great detail her personal MBA journey, but she also grew her family along the way. Julie Wang (MBA 2018) Julie Wang (MBA 2018) moved to Cambridge from London with her family at the start…

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Ordeal & risk

Childhood trauma from a parent's death or divorce causes mutual fund managers to be more risk averse later in life, finds a new study co-authored by Professor Raghu Rau of Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Raghavendra Rau Finance professionals may…

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And family comes too

Family comes first, and the Cambridge MBA offers a wide range of opportunities and experiences for partners as well as families, making it an exciting move for everyone involved. For many MBAs, starting their studies at business school involves a…

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The ultimate balancing act: the Cambridge MBA and motherhood

Motherhood is potentially one of the most rewarding – and exhausting – experiences of a woman's life, so why would you choose to do an MBA programme at the same time? Current students Katherine and Xin Pei tell us why…

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Family ties

Stuck in a boring job? Doing it for your family can make it meaningful, finds study co-authored by Dr Jochen Menges of Cambridge Judge. Boredom is a serious and common problem at work. It can make work feel meaningless, reduce…

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How your MBA can include your family too

As a mother of two daughters under four, the only viable option for Yvonne Ofosu-Appiah to do a Cambridge MBA was to bring her family with her from Ghana. "I wanted a top-tier university but couldn't leave my children," she…

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