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Fagun Thakrar expands creativity focused not-for-profit

Cambridge Executive MBA participant Fagun Thakrar's foundation aims to improve the lives of young people through the arts. Cambridge Executive MBA participant Fagun Thakrar (EMBA 2019) is expanding operations and outreach of her not-for-profit focused on helping young people through…

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Fagun Thakrar.

BBC: A room in Mumbai

A research on Bollywood films and energy by Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, featured in BBC animation about slum rehabilitation a housing in Mumbai. (subs) Watch the video []…

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Disney’s pivot to streaming is a sign of severe COVID economic crisis still to come

Hamza Mudassir, Visiting Fellow in Strategy and alumnus (MBA 2012) of Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses how Disney's restructuring has made it more like Netflix than ever before. Hamza Mudassir Disney has announced a significant restructuring of its media and entertainment…

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Someone holding up their mobile phone ready to stream Disney +.

The Hindu Business Line: Cambridge researchers look at Bollywood to understand consumption patterns

A study co-authored by Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in the article. Using Bollywood films the study examines energy and household appliance use across four decades in India. “Our intent was to show…

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Film and energy

Using Bollywood films to examine energy and household appliance use across four decades in India. Energy studies are often highly technical. A new study from the University of Cambridge takes a far more colourful approach, using 19 Indian feature films…

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Business Weekly: Say goodbye to Hollywood and hello to Netflix?

A new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School says the battle between Hollywood studios and streaming services such as Netflix is unlike any previous Big Screen v Small Screen confrontation. “The identity crisis facing Hollywood is not simply one…

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Studios vs. streaming: which ‘logic’ will prevail in Hollywood?

The battle between traditional Hollywood studios and streaming services like Netflix is a matter of "institutional logics" – commitment logic versus convenience logic – argues a new study co-authored by Dr Allègre Hadida of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Allègre…

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Puncturing Hollywood conventional wisdom

A movie star’s popularity boosts opening-weekend ticket sales, but the actor’s artistic merit is just as important for box office receipts over a film’s theatrical run, finds new study. A movie star's popularity boosts ticket sales on opening weekend, but…

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Venturing forth: The Helpful Clinic

Bringing the best from movies and technology to improve wellbeing An alumna of Cambridge Social Ventures programme, run by the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School, founded The Helpful Clinic aiming to help people get back…

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Cineuropa: BigData.BigMovies reveals cinema digitalisation opportunities

Fran Royo writes about an international conference BigData.BigMovie that took place in Germany last month. Scientists and practitioners came together to discuss the importance of big data on the film and television industry. Dr Allègre Hadida, University Senior Lecturer in…

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