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Cambridge News: Movie watchers leave rentals behind

The humble video shop – once the favourite source of Friday night entertainment – may be on the way out, according to a university lecturer... Media expert, Dr Allegre Hadida, who lectures at Cambridge Judge Business School, suggested that DVD…

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Film industry should rethink its values

Dr Allègre Hadida claims that most film industry research may be short-sighted and out-of-date in its continued use of box office returns as the principle yardstick for measuring whether a film hit or has bombed Dr Allègre Hadida, University Lecturer…

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Lights, camera, action!

Can Hollywood blockbusters, graphic novels and other artistic mediums stimulate fresh approaches to business and management? Dr Allègre Hadida, Lecturer in Strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School, regularly uses Hollywood blockbusters and graphic novels to stimulate fresh approaches to business…

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Allègre Hadida.

Parminder Vir, Media Consultant: Shifting paradigms

The film industry is moving from a Hollywood dominated culture to a peer-to-peer environment as more emerging countries structure global partnerships. Parminder Vir OBE, Executive Producer and Media Consultant, believes this shift requires a re-think, especially by the West, of…

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Parminder vir

Partho Sen-Gupta, Film Director: Bombay mix

Partho Sen-Gupta, Director of Hava Aney Dey ("Let the Wind Blow"), talks about the new frontiers facing the Indian film industry as it engages with the West, and considers the exciting opportunities, technologies and challenges this blending of cultures will…

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Partho sen gupta

Patrick von Sychowski, Adlabs Digital Cinema: ‘And action’

At a special two-day conference entitled "Innovation in India and China", Navi Radjou, Executive Director of the Centre for India & Global Business, and Jaideep Prabhu, Nehru Professor of Indian Business, brought leading minds from the worlds of business, marketing,…

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2009 podcast sychowski and action