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Call for SEC action

Article co-authored by Professor Alan Jagolinzer of Cambridge Judge calls for Securities and Exchange Commission to reform 'pre-planned' stock sale rules. Professor Alan Jagolinzer An article co-authored by Professor Alan Jagolinzer of Cambridge Judge Business School in The Hill, a…

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Khayala Eylazova wins Advocate of the Year at Women in Finance Award Series

Executive MBA (EMBA) alumna Khayala Eylazova's leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion in finance, insurance and technology has been recognised by award. Khayala Eylazova (EMBA 2014) has won the Advocate of the Year award at the Women in Finance Award…

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Khayala Eylazova.

Negative interest rate: the interaction between monetary and financial regulatory policies

by Hormoz Ramian, Research Assistant, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance The negative interest rate has been among the frontier policies to counter the recent economic downturns. The 2020 pandemic resurfaced the policy's role that…

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A businessman places his hand on his head as he looks up and is perplexed by a chart showing a negative interest rate.

Financial Times: Pandemic drives business schools to overhaul curricula

Marwa Hammam, Executive Director of the Master of Finance (MFin) programme at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on changes in MFin curricula in response to COVID-19. She says “topical examples and stressing expertise in credit, distressed debt, financial restructuring and…

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Trust in finance

Trust among US finance professionals has declined far more sharply than in the general population, finds study that has implications for coronavirus bailout plans. The level of trust among US finance professionals has declined far more sharply than among the general population over the past four decades, finds…

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Beta activism

Third-stage corporate governance is taking centre stage over climate change, says Jon Lukomnik, a recent Pembroke Visiting Professor at Cambridge Judge Business School. Jon Lukomnik, the Managing Director of Sinclair Capital LLC and former Executive Director of the Investor Responsibility…

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WEF: How AI is shaping financial services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will shift from cost reduction to revenue generation in the Financial Services industry, according to a new global study co-authored at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. The study shows that financial services organisations will move away…

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Is debt financing by firms good for economic growth?

by Dr Adelphe Ekponon, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance Dr Adelphe Ekponon In addition to internal funds, firms have two main sources of financing: equity and debt (in general, a mix of…

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City Press: How technology is driving a revolution in financial services

Dr Robert Wardrop, Director of the Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, says technology is “the most significant transformative force” in the financial sector. Dr Wardrop recently attended the GIBS Forum where he talked about banks, peer-to-peer…

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Guaranteed bonuses in high finance: to reward or retain?

by Dr Scott B. Guernsey, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance Public distaste for high finance reached an all-time high in March of 2009, as the American International Group (AIG) insurance corporation announced…

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