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financial risk

Portfolio selection, periodic evaluations and risk taking

by Dr Alex Tse, former Research Associate at Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance and winner of the CERF Alumni Association (CERFAS) Best Paper Award Alex Tse Portfolio managers in real life can be selfish, where they care about their…

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Rear view of a relaxing trader who is sitting in front of a trading station which consists of four screens with financial data.

Gambling for redemption or ripoff?

by Dr Xinyu Hou, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance In the early days of Federal Express, the company once was down to $5,000 in its checking account, not able to cover the…

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Hands next to a pile of poker chips.

The downside risk channel of monetary policy

by Niklas Schmitz, Winner of the Cambridge Finance Best Student Paper Award 2022, PhD Student, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge During recessions, central banks play a key role to support the economy. They are often concerned with avoiding bad…

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Close-up of young businessman pointing on the data presented in the chart on a computer screen.

How can the ‘Space Value of Money’ boost sustainability?

A new book by Dr Armen Papazian, a PhD graduate of Cambridge Judge Business School, outlines a new financial modelling framework that integrates sustainability into the very core of finance. Dr Armen Papazian The book entitled The Space Value of…

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Earth globe in space with cartoony grass continents and glowing atmosphere.

The gender gap in household bargaining power: a portfolio-choice approach

by Ran Gu, University of Essex, Cameron Peng, London School of Economics and Political Science and Weilong Zhang, Fellow, Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance, University of Cambridge When studying the allocation of household assets, virtually all existing papers start…

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Young mother using laptop in kitchen, young father holds their baby as they discuss plans.

Impact and engagement at the Centre for Risk Studies

Each of our research centres has unique ways to engage with non-academic organisations and, through that, to generate real world impact. This month we decided to share with you the work of the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge…

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Businesspeople wearing face masks brainstorming in a meeting.

Investors’ Chronicle: Trapped by our past

According to a study co-authored by Raghavendra Rau, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, fund managers “who as children had seen their parents divorce or one of them die took less risk with their…

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Risk prevention

The average period between crises from 1700-1900 was 21 years, but since 1960 this has shrunk to just eight years. Investment opportunities totalling $3 trillion per year could reduce the probability of huge risks ranging from climate change to pandemics,…

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Shot of a woman using a headset and computer while wearing a mask in a modern office.

Nature and nurture

Childhood disruption through parents' divorce or death is a "nurture"-related factor affecting risk taking of investment professionals, says study in Journal of Banking & Finance. Professor Raghavendra Rau It’s long been accepted that both nature and nurture influence the risk-taking…

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Father with toddler daughter sitting on his lap, both smiling.

Beta activism

Third-stage corporate governance is taking centre stage over climate change, says Jon Lukomnik, a recent Pembroke Visiting Professor at Cambridge Judge Business School. Jon Lukomnik, the Managing Director of Sinclair Capital LLC and former Executive Director of the Investor Responsibility…

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