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Newsweek: Internet overjoyed as boss forcing employee to work thanksgiving backfires

Thomas Roulet, Associate Professor of Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments about an employer forcing an employee to work on Thanksgiving. The employer's behaviour was "unfair and risky." Thomas says. Read the full article []…

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Happier employees – ‘wants’ in addition to ‘musts’

Employers should create 'passion opportunities' for workers to pursue their out-of-work interests ranging from cooking to travel, says Harvard Business Review article co-authored by Dr Jochen Menges of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Jochen Menges Employers who seek to retain…

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Surfing: example of employers creating 'passion opportunities' for workers to pursue their out-of-work interests.

Flexible energy markets

How can regulators better support the trend toward intermittent renewable energy connected to lower voltage distribution networks in order to prevent network overload? Regulatory changes so far vary widely, finds a new paper from Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Michael…

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Blue electricity snaps across a network of honeycombs.

Sourcing flexibility

Both delivery and product financial performance can be improved through greater sourcing flexibility, shows a broad empirical study of 336 European and US manufacturing firms co-authored by Professor Feryal Erhun of Cambridge Judge Business School. Manufacturing companies frequently outsource 60…

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