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flexible working

Competitive advantage

In the post-pandemic world, employers can differentiate their brands through flexible work policies, says Dr Thomas Roulet of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Thomas Roulet By Dr Thomas Roulet Google just announced it would reduce the salaries of remote workers.…

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Financial Times: Business School Briefing: well-behaved meetings, MBA startup funds, creativity

FT’s business education correspondent Jonathan Moules recommends a piece in Forbes on “how working from home can affect the ethics of employee decision making” by Cambridge Judge Business School Professor Sunita Sah. “We can all make good and bad decisions,…

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Forbes: Why working from home might promote more ethical decisions

Sunita Sah, KPMG Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses why working from home might promote more ethical decisions. “Employers and employees have faced unprecedented challenges over the last year. Although it is not available to all,…

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Experimenting during the pandemic

Working from home can empower new thinking, writes Dr Kishore Sengupta, Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Kishore Sengupta The involuntary migration of work from offices to homes, difficult as it is for many organisations, offers…

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The Conversation: Five ways to be a better manager when working from home

Dr Thomas Roulet, University Senior Lecturer in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, shares some insights on how to be a better manager during the pandemic. “For many, working from home is the new normal and poses all sorts…

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The gig economy (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

From Uber to Deliveroo, the 'gig economy' is increasingly visible. But with flexibility for workers comes uncertainty, so what is the future of the gig economy including the role of government? L-R: Dr Chris Coleridge, Dr Belinda Bell, Dr Thomas…

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