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food and drink industry

Helping the planet during a cost-of-living crisis

Timo Boldt, an Executive MBA graduate of Cambridge Judge Business School (EMBA 2014) who founded meal-in-a-box firm Gousto a decade ago, says sustainability and share of stomach go hand in hand. Timo Boldt Timo Boldt, founder and CEO of meal-in-a-box…

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Gousto aims to grow its “share of stomach” through using technology to make meals more healthy, affordable and sustainable.

Distilling entrepreneurs from Scotland’s whisky-soaked history

How contested industries can become ‘hotbeds of entrepreneurship’: the 19th century Scottish whisky industry can teach us lessons today, says a study co-authored by Thomas Roulet of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Thomas Roulet When you think of “contested” industries…

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Christmas whiskey.

How sweet it is to be on grocery shelves

Harry Specters chocolate firm, which was on the Cambridge Social Ventures programme at Cambridge Judge Business School, wins distribution deal with supermarket chain Aldi.  The Harry Specters chocolate business, which participated in the Cambridge Social Ventures programme, part of the…

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Harry Specters chocolates.

The future of farming: from eating insects to urban agriculture

In this special Insight article, we look at how the Entrepreneurship Centre and Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School are supporting new ventures to improve sustainability in agriculture to meet the demands of a growing global…

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Insects such as crickets are a good source of protein.

Forbes Brasil: What is the true cost of the food that goes to the plate?

Chris Marquis, Professor of Chinese Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, meets Truce Price, which with its method attracts institutions such as Rabobank and the United Nations Food Systems Summit. The increase in prices in the supermarket has made us…

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ConSalud: Are healthy food messages and labels really effective?

A recent study co-authored by Cambridge Judge Business School has highlighted the limited impact that food messages that seek to improve our health have on consumers' purchasing decisions, article says. "The practical impacts of our findings are twofold: the results…

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Competition winner uses microalgae to produce vegan nutraceuticals and biostimulants

Co-founded by an Executive MBA graduate of Cambridge Judge Business School, Emeralga Biotech wins the First edition of the Coller Alternative Protein Competition organised by CPT Capital and the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge.  Alternative protein technologies – creating meat,…

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Coller competition winner uses microalgae to produce vegan nutraceuticals biostimulants.

Messaging on healthy foods may not prompt healthier purchases finds Cambridge study

Healthy food cues standing alone don’t prompt healthier buying decisions, but they may counter advertising for sugary and fatty foods, says study co-authored by Lucia Reisch of Cambridge Judge Business School. People making food-buying choices are often faced with adverts…

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Messaging on healthy foods may not prompt healthier purchases.

Scratching the surface

Meal kit company Gousto, founded by Cambridge Judge Business School alumnus, reaches 'unicorn' $1bn valuation and says the boom in online food will continue after the pandemic. Timo Boldt Founded by Timo Boldt, an alumus of the Executive MBA programme…

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A kitchen counter with a freshly opened Gousto meal box on top.

The Times: Fundraising is a picnic for meal-box service Gousto

Gousto, the UK meal-box subscription service, has raised $100 million from SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2 and $50 million in new debt capital from HSBC and Barclays, reports The Times. The startup was co-founded in 2012 by Timo Boldt, Cambridge Executive…

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