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food waste

The future of farming: from eating insects to urban agriculture

In this special Insight article, we look at how the Entrepreneurship Centre and Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School are supporting new ventures to improve sustainability in agriculture to meet the demands of a growing global…

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Insects such as crickets are a good source of protein.

The Conversation: The UK wastes millions of tonnes of food every year: here’s how we can change that

Yasemin Kor, Beckwith Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses food wastage problem in the UK and how we can change that. “Research shows that preventing food waste at its source in this way can save nine…

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Watching our waste

Supermarkets and consumers can both change their behaviour to reduce food waste, says Professor Yasemin Kor of Cambridge Judge Business School. Consumer expectation of cheap food and retailers' fear of losing sales has created a "race to the bottom" that…

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Wasted food in a bin liner.

Cambridge Independent: Better Origin’s new protein source could really fly

A feature about Better Origin startup (formerly known as Entomics) that is using technology to convert food waste to grow insects for fish food. The startup was previously on the Accelerate Cambridge programme run by the Cambridge Judge’s Entrepreneurship Centre.…

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Circular economy

A special issue of Thunderbird International Business Review is guest-edited by Dr Khaled Soufani and two others associated with the Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Khaled Soufani The Director, a current and a past Fellow of…

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Circular view on a city.

Business Weekly: From maggots to meals

The Entomics Biosystems startup aims to reduce food waste by converting it into energy or food for fish and animals. The team is using insects - specifically the Black Soldier Fly - as an efficient biological catalyst. The startup is…

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Strategic renewal: what can we learn from the rail and food industry?

As business leaders, having a clear strategy and being aware of when crucial changes need to be made is imperative to success. As a leader, spotting the need for strategic renewal and executing your approach successfully is key to your…

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Boardwalk floorboards painted in rainbow colours.

Reducing food waste

Better collaboration with farmers, processors and consumers could help retailers reduce the huge amount of wasted food, says Harvard Business Review article by three Cambridge Judge academics. A four-pronged strategy could help food retailers reduce the huge amount of food…

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Harvard Business Review: How large food retailers can help solve the food waste crisis

A four-pronged strategy could help food retailers reduce the huge amount of food that is wasted each year, says an article co-authored by Cambridge Judge Professors Yasemin Kor and Jaideep Prabhu, and Dr Mark Esposito, a fellow at the school’s…

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Business Weekly: Funding boosts free surge of agricultural innovation

Entomics has been awarded £60,000 from the Eastern Agri-Tech Growth to address the issue of food waste. The start-up, supported by the Accelerate Cambridge programme at Cambridge Judge Business School, is working on converting food waste into useful substances such…

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