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fossil fuels

A switch from fossil fuel to renewables

Having worked in the energy sector focusing on fossil fuels, Cambridge Judge alumna, Belinda Knox (MBA 2006) had an epiphany moment that set her on the path to decarbonising her career. Belinda Knox (MBA 2006) Prior to the Cambridge MBA,…

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A switch from fossil fuel to renewables.

The climate emergency

"We are damaging our futures unless we step in with a comprehensive strategy to manage the climate change challenge," Professor Sir David King told an Enterprise Tuesday event at Cambridge Judge Business School. Sir David King The accelerating global impact…

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Euractiv: Academic: Fossil fuel back-ups ‘may be the price to pay’ for renewables

An interview with Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, about renewable energy and fossil fuel policies in EU countries. “It’s a contradiction that policymakers are currently struggling to resolve. But fossil fuel back-up plants are…

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Measuring fossil fuel ‘hidden’ costs

Framework for calculating the 'hidden' investment risk of fossil fuel companies outlined in paper co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. A new framework outlined in a research paper co-authored at University of Cambridge Judge Business School provides investors with an…

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Keeping an eye on climate policy: Has the treasury omitted £300m per year of extra climate impacts from its fuel duty reduction calculations?

In his blog, Dr Chris Hope, reader in policy modelling at Cambridge Judge Business School, looks at Treasury's analysis published earlier last week and estimates extra climate impacts. Read the full article []…

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What’s going to keep the lights on?

Dr Michael Pollitt discusses the use of fossil fuels at this year's Guardian Open Weekend Dr Michael Pollitt, Director of Programmes at Cambridge Judge Business School, joined a panel of guest speakers to debate on the effects of continually using…

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