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gender pay gap

The gender gap in household bargaining power: a portfolio-choice approach

by Ran Gu, University of Essex, Cameron Peng, London School of Economics and Political Science and Weilong Zhang, Fellow, Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance, University of Cambridge When studying the allocation of household assets, virtually all existing papers start…

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Quartz: Male CEOs get paid more when they have deep, “manly” voices

Coverage of a study on the link between voice and CEO pay co-authored by Waqas Haque, MPhil in Innovation, Strategy and Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School (MPhil 2014), in Quartz. The study is based on CEO pay at UK…

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BBC News: Breakfast show

Professor Sucheta Nadkarni, Director of the Wo+Men's Leadership Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on the gender pay gap and what could be done to address this issue. Gender pay gap figures provide useful information, but companies may seek…

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East Anglia Business Magazine: Bringing diversity to the board table – and beyond

The “striking benefits” that gender-diverse boards bring to companies is the focus of an interview with Professor Sucheta Nadkarni, Director of the Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School, in the latest edition of East Anglia in Business magazine.…

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The Globe Post: Women’s rights backlash and feminist revival: Gender equality in 2019

Dr Lilia Giugni, Research Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation and co-founder and CEO of the gender think tank consultancy GenPol, discusses gender equality, women’s rights and what business leaders should do in order to improve the situation.…

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The Director: Why everyone’s talking about the pay gap

Lord Karan Bilimoria, Chairman of the Advisory Board at Cambridge Judge Business School and founder of Cobra Beer, comments on the pay gap between employees. He expresses hope that proposed legislation “will improve transparency, spread awareness and serve as a…

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Making the numbers count: supporting and engaging women at every career stage

Professor Sucheta Nadkarni and other researchers call for gender equality and career support for women in the workplace, and an end to "the doom and gloom narrative" over their limited numbers. Hiring more women into senior positions is the right…

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Gender inequality in the workplace (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

Statistics show that gender inequality at the workplace is pervasive, with lower pay and under-representation at top levels for women. How does this harm business, and should governments intervene? In this episode, joining podcast series host Michael Kitson, University Senior…

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Cambridge Independent: A welcome first step, but no cure-all

The new requirement for UK companies to report their gender pay gap is a good step, but more needs to be done in order to address the issue, says Sucheta Nadkarni, Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management at Cambridge Judge Business…

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Wired: The gender pay gap data is useful but it’s just the first step

After the majority of all eligible public and private companies in the UK have reported their gender pay gap, we need to look what can we do with the data, writes K. G. Orphanides in Wired. Professor Sucheta Nadkarni, Director…

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