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Geoff Meeks

GE’s grip on airlines

The breakup of General Electric shines a spotlight on GE's once-dominant role in the airline industry through aircraft leasing, engines and financing, says a new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge that examines "Why do unsuccessful companies survive?" The announcement this…

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View down the side of an aircraft while flying in the sky, scattered clouds in the distance.

Financial Times: Adaptable managers help companies pull trough

A study on UK companies’ survival rate co-authored by Geoff Meeks and Geoffrey Whittington featured in the Financial Times. The study, inspired by natural selection theory, finds that only 19 of 1,513 UK companies (1.26%) survived over the biblical “threescore…

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Corporate Darwinism

Only 19 of 1,513 UK companies survived 70 years after mandatory consolidated accounts in 1948, says natural selection-inspired study at Cambridge Judge Business School. Business has long been portrayed in survival-of-the-fittest ("dog-eat-dog") and scriptural ("David and Goliath battle") terminology. A…

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A yellow rocket ship blasts past a row of grey hot air balloons floating in the clouds.

Mergers in ‘hot’ markets

Earnings management ahead of merger bids is more pronounced in 'hot' markets and can lead to significant changes in share prices that are not reversed when a stock-for-stock bid is later announced, finds a new study co-authored by Professor Geoff…

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LSE blog: Ten years from the crash: Time to row back on financial regulation and compliance?

Geoff Meeks, Emeritus Professor of Financial Accounting at Cambridge Judge Business School, co-authored a blog about financial regulation to coincide with the imminent tenth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers. “Misconduct flourishes in good times, and that's when it's…

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Teaching prizes

Seven members of the Cambridge Judge Business School faculty receive Teaching Prizes from Dean Christoph Loch for teaching excellence in a variety of programmes. Seven members of Cambridge Judge Business School's faculty were awarded Teaching Prizes on 15 June in…

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2018 News: Teaching prizes.

LSE: Engineering financial distress: Transplanting banking techniques to the NHS?

Financial distress of NHS hospitals has a parallel in much-criticised banking practices that “artificially distress an otherwise viable business,” writes Geoff Meeks, Professor Emeritus of Financial Accounting at Cambridge Judge Business School, in the British Politics and Policy blog of…

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It pays to be optimistic

'Significantly positively biased' earnings forecasts reduce bid premiums and boost chance of quick merger completion, finds study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. It pays to be optimistic if you're a company swallowing up another firm in a stock-based acquisition,…

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The Independent: Banks may complain but they have it pretty good

The banks have been banging on about the inequities of the banking levy ever since George Osborne quite reasonably decided they ought to pay something for the privilege of being underwritten by the taxpayer – writes James Moore in The…

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The Daily Telegraph: Banks’ profits recover but they are paying less in corporation tax

Corporation tax receipts from banks in the UK are lower than before the financial crisis, says research co-authored by Geoff Meeks, Professor of Financial Accounting at Cambridge Judge. Read the full article []…

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