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Geoff Whittington

Financial Times: Adaptable managers help companies pull trough

A study on UK companies’ survival rate co-authored by Geoff Meeks and Geoffrey Whittington featured in the Financial Times. The study, inspired by natural selection theory, finds that only 19 of 1,513 UK companies (1.26%) survived over the biblical “threescore…

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Corporate Darwinism

Only 19 of 1,513 UK companies survived 70 years after mandatory consolidated accounts in 1948, says natural selection-inspired study at Cambridge Judge Business School. Business has long been portrayed in survival-of-the-fittest ("dog-eat-dog") and scriptural ("David and Goliath battle") terminology. A…

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A yellow rocket ship blasts past a row of grey hot air balloons floating in the clouds.

“Value & Profit”: new book by Geoffrey Whittington published August 2017

Cambridge University Press has recently published a new book by Geoffrey Whittington, Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Finance (CCFin). Value and Profit An Introduction to Measurement in Financial Reporting looks at the measurement methods used in…

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