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How emerging-market firms grow in developed markets – CJBS paper wins research excellence award

An article on 'indirect learning' abroad by firms in developing markets co-authored by Professor Jaideep Prabhu of Cambridge Judge wins global marketing award from the American Marketing Association. Dr Jaideep Prabhu An article about firms in developing markets co-authored by…

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Impact and engagement at the Centre for India & Global Business

Each of our research centres has unique ways to engage with non-academic organisations and, through that, to generate real world impact. This month we decided to share with you the work of the Centre for India & Global Business at…

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Views of slums on the shores of Mumbai, India against the backdrop of skyscrapers under construction.

Will an MBA make you truly ‘global’?

As the world tackles the pandemic and its wide-ranging effects, the need for professionals with global sensitivities, abilities and ambitions is more vital than ever. How does an MBA degree equip students to respond to these challenges and continue to…

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Global communication network concept illustrating video conferencing.

Chinese firms going global

Chinese firms are becoming more global as they debate whether to become public companies, says Professor David De Cremer of Cambridge Judge Business School. Companies that go public in the US can create plenty of attention, with the CEO ringing…

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