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A smoother transition

Ten considerations to engage people and communities in the transition phase from government measures to combat COVID-19 from Professor Sunita Sah. An article entitled, "Ten considerations for effectively managing the COVID-19 transition" in the journal Nature Human Behaviour co-authored by…

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Aerial view of the beach divided in squares for social distancing.

Corporate wrongdoing

Management research can prove relevance by studying corporate corruption during economic downturn, says new study co-authored by Professor Shaz Ansari. Economic downturns often expose wrongdoing, so the coronavirus era presents a ripe opportunity for management research to prove its relevance…

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Double whammy

Health crisis from pandemic worsens economic issues in Middle East and Northern Africa, says Dr Kamiar Mohaddes. Dr Kamiar Mohaddes The health crisis from the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic exacerbates economic problems in the Middle East and North Africa caused by…

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Voluntary exposure

An alternative idea to social distancing from policy modeller Dr Chris Hope. A new working paper by Dr Chris Hope, Emeritus Reader in Policy Modelling at Cambridge Judge Business School, suggests an alternative that could be offered to social distancing…

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Windrush review

Professor Dame Sandra Dawson, Advisory Board member and former Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School, advised government review into the Windrush scandal. Professor Dame Sandra Dawson, a member of the Advisory Board and former Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School,…

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Sports and youth

Cambridge Judge alumnus Aymen Tawfeeq Almoayed has been appointed as Youth and Sports Affairs Minister in Bahrain. Aymen Tawfeeq Almoayed (MBA 2008) Aymen Tawfeeq Almoayed was recently appointed as His Excellency, Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs, in Bahrain. Aymen…

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Geopolitical and security shocks rise across the world

The potential impact of geopolitical and security shocks on the economy of the world’s largest cities has risen by 16 per cent in the last year, according to the 2018 update of the Global Risk Index from the Centre for…

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CCTV: UK scholars comment on Xi Jinping’s book on governance

A book entitled Xi Jinping: Governance of China (Volume Two), was recently presented at the 2018 London Book Fair. Dr Simon Learmount, Lecturer in Corporate Governance at Cambridge Judge Business School, commented: “It's almost exactly to the day 170 years…

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Green paper recognition

The UK's industrial strategy paper cites the role of entrepreneurial programmes at Cambridge Judge Business School in contributing to the successful Cambridge Cluster. The UK government's green paper on industrial strategy following Britain's exit from the European Union cites the…

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The rise of nuclear power in Britain?

Director of the Master of Finance Programme at Cambridge Judge comments on today's decision by the UK government to proceed with Hinkley Point C nuclear project. Dr Simon Taylor, Director of the Master of Finance programme at Cambridge Judge Business School,…

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