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Sun, sea and economics

The 33 smallest islands of Greece are an idyllic place to examine the important link between competition and tax rise 'pass-through', says a new study co-authored by Christos Genakos of Cambridge Judge. Dr Christos Genakos The tiny sun-drenched islands off…

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Aerial view of Porto Timoni beach on the Greek island of Corfu.

Newsbeat: The Lifetime Achievement Award of the British Council was awarded to Dr Vassili Apostolopoulos

Cambridge MBA alumnus Dr Vassili Apostolopoulos wins British Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the Study UK Alumni Awards. The Award Committee said Dr Apostolopoulos "has bridged a number of graduate networks in Greece and Britain with significant business networks and…

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UK-Greece relations

Cambridge MBA alumnus Dr Vassili Apostolopoulos wins British Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the Study UK Alumni Awards. Dr Vassili Apostolopoulos, a Cambridge MBA graduate of Cambridge Judge Business School (MBA 1995) who is CEO of the Athens Medical Group…

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Dr Vassili Apostopoulos

Greek Reporter: Greece appoints internationally-recognised experts to shape nation’s growth plan

The Greek government has formed a special commission to work on a new “Growth Plan” for the country’s economy. The commission includes academics and business executives who will share their knowledge and experience to draft the new economic policy. Dr…

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Greek growth support

New scholarship will enable four Greece-based firms to pursue the SME Growth Challenge programme at the Entrepreneurship Centre, part of Cambridge Judge Business School. A new scholarship will enable four Greece-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to participate in the…

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Deregulating Greece

A new book on the Greek financial crisis and beyond includes a chapter on market regulation and competition co-authored by Dr Christos Genakos of Cambridge Judge Business School. A new book about the Greek financial crisis includes a chapter on…

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Yahoo! News: The drachma could be coming back. And Greek businesses are worried

Greeks are getting ready for Sunday’s referendum where they’ll decide the future of their country. Business owners are struggling to operate and are worried that Greece might ditch the euro for the drachma. Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International…

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Greek shoots?

Dr Christos Pitelis doesn’t just study real-world policy decisions. As an adviser to the Greek government at a time of economic and political turmoil he has seen their true impact. How can academics affect real-world policy decisions? In the case…

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Adrian Kyriazi, Credit Suisse: Managing in submerging markets

Adrian Kyriazi, MD and Head of Greece/Cyprus, Poland & Eastern Europe at Credit Suisse Private Bank, talks about managing in submerging markets and the restructuring of the private bank's business as individual net worth in Greece sank by 40 per…

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Bloomberg Business Week Videos: Pitelis – Germany ‘doing the right thing’ on Greece

Christos Pitelis, a don at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses the outlook for the Greek economy. He spoke on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse" on August 20 ..." Watch the video []…

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