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green technology

Partnering to reduce carbon emissions

Barclays Eagle Labs links up with Carbon13, a green accelerator founded by Chris Coleridge of Cambridge Judge Business School, to invest up to £2.5 million to speed the transition to net zero.  Carbon13, a carbon-reduction accelerator founded by Chris Coleridge…

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Green technology computer chip.

Green economy?

It is 'wishful thinking' that the UK will benefit disproportionately from new environmentally oriented policies, most of which create few jobs, says Professor Michael Pollitt of Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Michael Pollitt New environmental initiatives geared toward offshore wind,…

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Green chemistry

The impact of research by Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville of Cambridge Judge Business School on the green chemistry movement is featured on the website of the Network for Business Sustainability. An article on the website of the Network for Business Sustainability…

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Greener chemistry

The 'green chemistry' movement to reduce health, safety and environmental impacts has made some progress – but has also met resistance from within, says new study co-authored by Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville of Cambridge Judge Business School. Now Diageo Professor of…

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Why energy technology is all about finding a balance

The impact of energy technology is at the heart of the climate change debate, and Dr David Reiner, Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy, says it's important to see both sides. "I have to see both sides of the argument," says…

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Think you could have the next Facebook on your hands? Don’t let these five rookie errors spoil your plans for business success

The first year is a perilous time for a start-up. However much research you've done, however tight your business plan and however many hours you put in, a new business is still far more vulnerable than an established company. But…

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Is social enterprise being set up to fail?

Is 'Enterprise Society' a myth or a reality? Are the resources needed to successfully deliver it in place? As redundant public sector workers prepare to bid for contracts to win their own work back, academics from Cambridge Judge Business School…

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Energy policies – the good, the bad and the ugly

The future of energy policies in the UK and Europe - is there a 'right' approach? What are the consequences for both society and the country's economic recovery? Academics from Cambridge Judge Business School have been setting out their joint…

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Wind turbines

Clearing the energy slums

Policy makers cannot walk and chew gum. Crises are handled one by one with the most immediate driving all the rest off the agenda. However, Nick Butler, Chairman of the Centre for Energy Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, argues…

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