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Messaging on healthy foods may not prompt healthier purchases finds Cambridge study

Healthy food cues standing alone don’t prompt healthier buying decisions, but they may counter advertising for sugary and fatty foods, says study co-authored by Lucia Reisch of Cambridge Judge Business School. People making food-buying choices are often faced with adverts…

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Messaging on healthy foods may not prompt healthier purchases.

Mirage News: Heart surgery delays will cost lives, warns research

Urgent action is needed to clear the backlog of people with a common heart condition who are waiting for lifesaving treatment, warns research co-authored by Cambridge Judge Business School and published in the journal BMJ Open. The study, conducted by…

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El-Erian Institute of Behavioural Economics and Policy at Cambridge Judge welcomes Harvard Professor for launch event

The El-Erian Institute of Behavioural Economics and Policy, based at Cambridge Judge Business School, welcomed Professor Cass Sunstein of Harvard University as featured speaker at its launch event on 8 June. Professor Sunstein, who spoke on 'Welfare Now', encompassing such…

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Electric attitudes

New study led by University of Cambridge researchers, based on 36,000 Facebook posts, finds that social justice and health issues impact electric vehicle uptake. A new study led at the University of Cambridge, based on public attitudes expressed in 36,000…

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Rear corner of an electric car with charging cable attached. A wind turbine can be seen in the distance.

Science Daily: Study suggests R rate for tracking pandemic should be dropped in favour of ‘nowcasts’

A study on R rate co-authored by Paul Kattuman, Professor in Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in Science Daily. "The basic R rate quickly wanes in usefulness as soon as a pandemic begins," Professor Kattuman said. "The…

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From ‘R rate’ to ‘nowcasts’

A farewell to R: study by University of Cambridge researchers suggests that "nowcasts" based on a new time series model are more effective in tracking later-stage pandemics than the traditional 'R rate' used during an outbreak. When the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Statistics of financial market data about a epidemic disease. Analysis graphs and reports numbers about a pandemic virus crisis.

The Telegraph: Meet the man using AI to hunt down the world’s rarest diseases

An interview with Tim Guilliams, Co-founder and CEO of Healx, aiming to find new therapeutic solutions to cure patients with rare diseases. Tim tells how he is utilising machine learning to bring his therapies to trial. Healx was previously on…

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Using an MBA to switch careers – to healthcare

We meet an MBA alumnus working in this sector and hear how their MBA learnings and skills led them into a career in the healthcare sector. We also hear from industry experts about what is involved to do well in…

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Group of surgeons in operating room.

Enlightenment to better butts

Many movements don't become successful businesses, so how did yoga transform from Hindu-inspired anti-materialism to a 'Gospel of Sweat' market worth $80 billion? A study from Cambridge Judge Business School shows the pathway. Professor Shahzad Ansari Not every "movement" successfully…

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An athletic young woman practices yoga on a sunlit rock by the sea.

Light show

The iconic building of Cambridge Judge Business School is lit up in support of Cancer Research UK on World Cancer Day. The iconic Addenbrooke's Building of Cambridge Judge Business School was lit up on the night of 4 February in…

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Front facade of Cambridge Judge Business School lit up with colourful lights in support of Cancer.