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Brexit: time to seize the digital day

For Brexit to succeed, it needs to be citizen-centred. Yet there's a real danger, writes Dr Mark Thompson, University Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, that the opportunity to deliver this will be lost. Imagine if we had electricity but no…

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Workload and patient treatment

Workload affects both treatment and referral decisions by "gatekeepers" to specialist services such as primary care physicians and emergency doctors, says a new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. People with serious ailments naturally desire immediate…

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Workload and patient treatment.

Split up ‘general’ hospitals

The financial straits of Addenbrooke's Hospital and the NHS more broadly underline the need to split up "general" hospitals, Professor Stefan Scholtes argues in Cambridge Business magazine. The financial troubles of Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and the National Health Service…

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Cambridge EMBA alumna joins Novastone

Cambridge EMBA alumna, Angela Single joins Novastone to lead engagement with the Digital Health and Care Market. EMBA alumna, Angela Single, former BT Global Business Development Director, has joined Novastone, a mobile-first, secure digital messaging platform, to lead engagement with…

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Dr Keith McNeil, Chief Executive Officer of the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

One-time special forces sniper and former transplant physician Dr Keith McNeil has a no-nonsense approach to leading Addenbrooke's Hospital. My style of leadership is all about influencing others. But first you have to have the courage of your own convictions.…

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I want to be … a healthcare leader

The healthcare industry has massive potential for career advancement - but in a diverse and expanding industry the key to success is finding your niche, say our panel of experts and Cambridge MBA alumni. The industry expert - Tony Dutton…

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Why big data comes with big headaches for the healthcare sector

"Big Data" is a phrase that seems to get many people excited these days. The potential is clearly so enormous that society seems to naturally believe it is the answer to everything. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that people…

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Dr Saif Abed (MPhil 2012), Founding Partner of AbedGraham Healthcare Strategies

Medicine and business may seem like very different worlds, but Saif Abed (MPhil in Management 2012) is using his expertise in both to drive forward his healthcare IT consultancy. As medical care grows more hi-tech, there's increasingly a need for…

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Cambridge Network: Don’t start with the technology, start with the people

"There are considerable healthcare challenges entrenched in the developing world," says Isaac Holeman, a current PhD candidate and Gates Scholar at Cambridge Judge Business School, co-founded Medic Mobile. In this podcast, Isaac talks about "the challenges facing healthcare workers in…

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Don’t start with technology, start with the people

There are considerable healthcare challenges entrenched in the developing world. Isaac Holeman, a current PhD candidate and Gates Scholar at Cambridge Judge Business School, co-founded Medic Mobile as a non-profit to facilitate healthcare workers in rural communities in the developing…

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