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Using big data for a healthy return

Listen to some industry commentators and you'd think big data was the answer to life, the universe and everything. But if you were in charge of a big data source in the pharmaceutical sector, how would you actually use it…

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Cambridge Network: Doctors and clinicians move into management roles with an Executive MBA

Dr Andrew Jones, a managing director for wellbeing at Nuffield Health, said Cambridge Executive MBA ‘was a game changer’ in his career and gave him the confidence ‘to move from a medical leadership role to a senior management position at…

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Cambridge Network: Dodging the “academic valley of death”

Universities can play a big role in helping scientific advances attract venture capital and avoid the “academic valley of death” that often defeats discoveries, says an article in Nature Biotechnology journal based on research at Cambridge Judge Business School. Read…

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Techradar: Is Apple making a push into healthcare with Watch?

Mobility is key in our daily lives, which applies to health, too. Having real time data available to healthcare professionals can be vital, and it's great that these devices support this. Apple has a stellar reputation, so we hope that…

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Startup Simprints wins $250,000 from Gates Foundation for ‘game-changing’ invention

Accelerate Cambridge tech start-up Simprints has secured $250,000 in funding to develop a fingerprint scanner being hailed as a 'game-changer' in global healthcare. A $250,000 grant to Simprints from the Saving Lives at Birth Grand Challenge, funded by the Bill…

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Singapore Business Times: Risk appetite should be aligned with corporate goals

A recent study of 82,000 patients in German hospitals by professors Ludwig Kuntz of University of Cologne, Roman Mennicken of Rheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung and Stefan Scholtes of Cambridge University found that mortality rose rapidly when hospital occupancy levels hit…

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Scotland’s war on inequality

Regardless of the referendum outcome, nothing less than fundamental social change can create a more equal society north of the border suggests Paul Tracey, Professor of Innovation & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School. As the countdown to the Scottish…

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Want to avoid another Rana Plaza? Pay more for your clothes

On the anniversary of the collapse of Bangladeshi garment factory Rana Plaza, in which 1,129 people died, Dr Kamal Munir says the West needs to re-think its addiction to cheap clothing - and the East its attitude to regulation. In…

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The Times: Patients are ‘shunted like parcels’ in the night

This Times cover story features Stefan Scholtes, Dennis Gillings Professor of Health Management at CJBS, and his research into the safety tipping point at which hospitals begin to fail. Stefan and co-authors investigated bed occupancy levels and death tolls in…

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Researchers identify the safety ‘tipping point’ at which hospitals fail

Researchers have identified the point at which hospitals begin to fail, resulting in deaths of critically ill patients The safety tipping point for hospitals occurs when they reach occupancy levels far below 100 per cent according to a new study…

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2014 news researchersidentifythesafetytippingpointatwhichhospitalsfail