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Isaac Holeman attracts second Forbes listing

A social innovation that uses technology to improve healthcare has netted a Cambridge Judge Business School student a second listing in the prestigious Forbes rankings PhD student Isaac Holeman has been named one of the top 30 social entrepreneurs under…

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2014 news isaacattractssecondforbeslisting

Management training vital to the success of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector

Cambridge Judge Business School's Executive MBA aims to furnish senior executives with the knowledge and skills they need to take up a leading role in their organisations The Executive MBA (EMBA) at Cambridge Judge Business School aims to furnish senior executives with…

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2013 news emba managementtrainingvitaltosuccessofhealthcare

Dr Lisa Drakeman, Former CEO of Genmab: Entrepreneurs must accept rejection but keep going

From bio-tech high-flyer with the largest IPO by a European biotech company on record, Lisa Drakeman, former CEO of Genmab, turned her entrepreneurial skills to providing healthcare for the working poor of South Carolina. At Volunteers in Medicine, a charitable clinic…

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2013 podcast drakeman rejection

New social enterprise initiative Coach F1RST is launched by Cambridge Executive MBA participants

A new social enterprise initiative, Coach F1RST, has been launched by Cambridge Judge Business School Executive MBA participants as part of the Team Consulting Project. Gareth Lippiatt, Founder and Managing Director of sports development franchise Sports Extra; Mark Yaniw, Business…

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2013 news coachfirst

Threshold penalties for health delivery

Research conducted by Dr Houyuan Jiang with his co-authors Professors Sergei Savin and Zhan Pang aims to create a unified performance-based contracting framework for medical services in the delivery of healthcare. Research into the provision of healthcare support for outpatient…

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2012 podcast jiang thresholdpenalties

David Halpern, The Cabinet Office, and Professor Andrew Gamble, University of Cambridge: How we feel?

David Halpern, Director of the Behavioural Insights Team at the Cabinet Office, and Professor Andrew Gamble, University of Cambridge, say subjective well-being measurements are empowering citizens.…

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2010 podcast measuring national wellbeing

Nic Marks, Centre for Well-Being: Our disconnected lives

High and low scoring countries on the 'Well-Being' index tell us much about our own lifestyles and what makes us happy says Nic Marks, Founder of the Centre for Well-Being. Costa Rica does well.…

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2012 podcast marks disconnected lives

Claudia Hammond, BBC: Job losses, library closures

The BBC's Claudia Hammond says earning a salary of over £20k doesn't necessarily make you any happier but job losses do matter - so will employment policies really change to incorporate 'well-being'?…

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2012 podcast hammond job losses

Professor Felicia Huppert, Jen Beaumont and Dr Simon Learmount: The heart of ‘well-being’

Professor Felicia Huppert, Director of the Well-Being Institute, Jen Beaumont from the Office of National Statistics and Dr Simon Learmount, Director of the Executive MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School, tell us why well-being matters and how we measure it.…

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2012 podcast huppert learmount heart of wellbeing

Dr Peter Piot, Imperial College: The politics of Aids

Dr Peter Piot, Director of the Institute for Global Health, Imperial College, draws on his experience at the United Nations to explain why Aids needs business to provide the leadership of the future. Good leadership, he says, is about running…

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2010 piot politics