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Cambridge Independent: Happyr Health and Medwise at North-South MedTech Summit

Two startups currently on Accelerate Cambridge programme run by Cambridge Judge’s Entrepreneurship Centre, will attend the inaugural North-South MedTech Summit.’s co-founder Dr Keith Tsui will be at ‘Healthcare’ roundtable to talk about “the importance of supporting healthcare workers in…

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Hospital IT spending

Hospital investment in IT staff only raises the volume of news coverage, but investment in IT equipment improves the tenor of media coverage and boosts the hospital’s reputation, says a new study co-authored by Professor Michael Barrett of Cambridge Judge…

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Doctor working on digital tablet while standing in a hospital corridor.

New healthcare model

A new Healthcare Utility Initiative to develop not-for-profit healthcare business models is launched by Cambridge Judge Business School and SSM Health. A new Healthcare Utility Initiative to develop not-for-profit healthcare business models has been launched by Cambridge Judge Business School…

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Healthcare business concept, Medical examination and growth graph data of business on tablet with doctor's health report clipboard on background.

Executive Courses: Top 10 Executive courses in healthcare

Cambridge Chief Residents Leadership and Management Programme run by Executive Education at Cambridge Judge Business School is among top ten programmes according to the Executive Courses article. “The flagship course is designed for early career doctors who are navigating management…

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Very unwise

Ending all COVID-19 restrictions is a reckless decision by the UK government at this critical time, says Professor Christoph Loch. By Christoph Loch The track record of decisions of the UK government in the COVID-19 context has resulted in the…

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A healthcare worker showing the signs of fatigue from working long hours combatting communicable disease in a hospital.

Business Weekly: POCKiT Diagnostics discovers novel combination of biomarkers for stroke detection

POCKiT Diagnostics has validated a blood test for the rapid detection of the large vessel occlusion (LVO) subtype of strokes with 95 per cent accuracy, Business Weekly reports. The company, founded in 2017, is currently on the Accelerate Cambridge programme…

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United Press International: Study: Second opinion can reduce risk for long-term opioid use

A study looking at opioid use co-authored by Stefan Scholtes, Dennis Gillings Professor of Health Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, featured in United Press International. The study found that “a “second opinion” by another prescribing doctor within 30 days…

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Opioid intervention

'Second opinion' by another prescribing doctor within 30 days of an opioid prescription reduces long-term opioid use by 31%, concludes a new study led at Cambridge Judge Business School. A "second opinion" by another prescribing doctor within 30 days of…

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High angle view of a prescription bottled filled with pills surrounded by more of the same tablets, with copy space,

Using an MBA to switch careers – to healthcare

We meet an MBA alumnus working in this sector and hear how their MBA learnings and skills led them into a career in the healthcare sector. We also hear from industry experts about what is involved to do well in…

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Group of surgeons in operating room.

Healthcare costs

Moving elective procedures out of general hospitals can increase quality and reduce cost of emergency services, says 10-year study of all English NHS hospitals co-authored by Professor Stefan Scholtes of Cambridge Judge Business School. Separating elective services out of general…

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Cropped shot of a group of surgeons performing a medical procedure in an operating room.