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The unbearable lightness of helium

“Helium is very different to other finite resources, because if we don't use it today it isn't there for tomorrow.” Helium is an abundant element that could play a crucial role in a low-carbon future, yet the industry that produces…

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2012 features unbearablelightnessofhelium

Helium floats up the agenda

The Future of Helium as a Natural Resource, co-authored by Dr William Nuttall, lays out the changing dynamics of the helium industry and the future applications for this important gas A recognised expert on energy technologies is predicting a healthy…

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2012 podcast nuttall helium

A rising demand for helium?

Fundamentally there is a certain irony that a material that is so important for a future low-carbon society is itself a by-product of natural gas. Without a fossil fuel industry what would we do for helium? Dr William Nuttall, University…

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