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‘My way’? Not always. Why CEOs are not all cocky and overconfident

New study co-authored by Jenny Chu of Cambridge Judge Business School challenges the popular portrayal of CEOs as overconfident risk-seekers down each and every highway. CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) are frequently caricatured as cocky and narcissistic people who do it…

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Financial Times: Hubris and the City

We all need a healthy dose of self-confidence ... The key is to admit to yourself that you could turn arrogant. When you see someone exhibit clear hubris, think: 'This could be me.' Professor Christoph Loch's insights on hubris featured…

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Talk will explore hubris in leaders – the disease and its antidote

At the business briefing on 1 July Cambridge Judge Business School's Dean Christoph Loch will explore the evolutionary roots of hubris. You don't have to search too hard in the last few days to find examples of hubris in public…

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The Independent: Power corrupts but it also plays with your mind: Lloyd George, Chamberlain and Thatcher all suffered from ‘hubris syndrome’

Board directors and senior managers from around the country had a unique opportunity to meet leading figures from business, behavioural management and psychology at Cambridge Judge Business School. The Intoxication of Power conference told that current leaders must become self- aware…

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The Intoxication of Power – Leadership & Hubris

Cambridge Judge Business School and the Daedalus Trust Conference The Intoxication of Power – Leadership & Hubris, a conference jointly organised by Cambridge Judge Business School and the Daedalus Trust, will take place on Thursday 19 September 2013 at the…

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