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Ilyas Khan

Enterprises honoured

The annual Business Weekly Awards include several recipients with ties to Cambridge Judge Business School, including Cambridge Quantum Computing as Business of the Year. Ilyas Khan Several companies with connections to Cambridge Judge Business School were named winners in the…

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Joining up

Cambridge Quantum Computing, founded by Cambridge Judge Fellow Ilyas Khan, combines with Honeywell Quantum Solutions to create a new company. Ilyas Khan Cambridge Quantum Computing, a quantum computing and algorithm company founded by Ilyas Khan, Leader in Residence and a…

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Computer circuitry.

Digital diversity

Asian tech pioneers list by charity Diversity UK includes two people with connections to Cambridge Judge Business School. Two people associated with Cambridge Judge Business School were included in a list of 20 Asian tech pioneers by the equality and…

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Financial Times: Quantum computing: The power to think outside the box

An article about quantum computing and how we can benefit from it in the future. Ilyas Khan, CEO of Cambridge Quantum Computing and Fellow in Management Practice at Cambridge Judge Business School, says the chemicals industry probably will be the…

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BBC World News: Ilyas Khan talking about Stephen Hawking’s legacy

Ilyas Khan, Chairman of the Stephen Hawking Foundation and Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School, talks about the late Professor Stephen Hawking's life and legacy. The Foundation was launched in 2015 to facilitate research into Cosmology, Astrophysics and Fundamental Particle…

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Quantum computers will be prevalent sooner than you might think

Ilyas Khan, CJBS Leader in Residence and Fellow in Management Practice, tells us why quantum computers will be prevalent sooner than you might think. Richard Feynman first put into words the concept of a quantum computer more than 30 years…

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Quantum computers will change our lives – but how quickly?

Quantum physics? Check. Quantum mechanics? Check. Quantum computers? Erm, computers? That's right – quantum computers. Millions of times more powerful than conventional computers, quantum computing could lead to huge improvements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer simulations and cryptography. All…

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Town and gown

Debate on quantum computing, including remarks by Professor Stephen Hawking, inaugurate new Cambridge Judge “Town and Gown” series linking business and academia. A new "Town and Gown" series of events organised by Cambridge Judge Business School kicked off on 21…

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