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Tata Social Internship

Intern programme coordinated by Jaideep Prabhu of Cambridge Judge sends students to work with low incomes communities in urban and rural India. The Tata Social Internship sent three students this year from Cambridge University to work on different projects run…

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‘Indirect’ learning

Concern about executive 'brain drain' from developing countries is misplaced. 'Indirect' learning in mature markets crucial to developing-country firms' growth, says research co-authored at Cambridge Judge. Concern about a "brain drain" of executives from developing countries who work in mature…

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Why India could be the next business superpower

by Professor Jaideep Prabhu, Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise and Director of the Centre for India & Global Business In 2015, several Indian companies are doing phenomenally well – not only in emerging markets, but in developed ones…

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Fast e-book self-publishing in India

Cambridge Judge graduate launches e-book business for Indian authors. Digital publishing can often be an uphill battle, especially in India, with new authors facing difficulties in publishing their work and making it available to a global readership. Dushyant Sethiya, a…

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Cambridge Executive MBA team takes up cycling

Bringing the Tour de France to India – a nation with scarcely any culture of sports cycling – has proved an ambitious task for its organisers. But despite the challenges, the Tour de India ran its first races in Mumbai,…

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Foreign & Commonwealth Office: Business models and routes to market

In a guest blog for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Dr Shailendra Vyakarnam, Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship Learning (CfEL) at Cambridge Judge Business School, looks at the Indian biotech sector and outlines the latest initiatives. Read the full article…

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The Economic Times: Imagineering 2015: how India Inc can go frugal this year

Jaideep Prabhu, Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise at Cambridge Judge Business School, and Navi Radjou, business consultant and Fellow in India & Global Business at the School, look how frugal innovation can help Indian companies to thrive…

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Want to avoid another Rana Plaza? Pay more for your clothes

On the anniversary of the collapse of Bangladeshi garment factory Rana Plaza, in which 1,129 people died, Dr Kamal Munir says the West needs to re-think its addiction to cheap clothing - and the East its attitude to regulation. In…

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The jugaad juggernaut

The fleet-footed thinking of developing nations is super-charging R&D at multinationals according to Professor Jaideep Prabhu In the West, business innovation is often the preserve of well-funded, in-house R&D (research and development) departments, sometimes working within corporate hierarchies that threaten to…

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Cambridge Judge Business School Fellow Navi Radjou wins Thinkers50 ‘Oscar’

Navi Radjou, a Fellow of Cambridge Judge Business School, has been named one of the world-changing thinkers of today by the 'Oscars' of management thinking Mr Radjou won the prestigious Thinkers50 Innovation award for his expertise in corporate innovation and…

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