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Internet of Things

Why Arm’s sale to NVIDIA has stunned the tech industry

Hamza Mudassir, Visiting Fellow in Strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses how Cambridge-based Arm's proposed sale to NVIDIA has stunned the tech industry. Hamza Muddasir Arm, the Cambridge-based microchip designer, is a British tech success story. The firm designs…

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A macro shot of a circuit board.

Business Because: What does Huawei’s UK 5G ban mean for the Internet Of Things?

Peter Williamson, Honorary Professor of International Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on 5G and Internet of Things. “Much of the innovation in the IoT will depend on 5G, because it is key to everything from machinery, to infrastructure,…

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Impactful research

Khaled Soufani and Daniel Ralph of Cambridge Judge Business School are honoured with the School's 2020 Sandra Dawson Research Impact Award. Dr Khaled Soufani and Professor Daniel Ralph of Cambridge Judge Business School have been named winners of the 2020…

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Cambridge Judge Business School.

Fog of war

Study shows Fog and Edge technologies have the ability to help fight the pandemic. How can a company that peripherally participates in an existing platform create a new platform without upsetting the current setup and provoking its dominant players? Professor…

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Internet oversight urged

Create a WTO-equivalent to oversee the internet, recommends major new report by panel chaired by Professor Peter Williamson of Cambridge Judge Business School. The internet needs an international WTO-style body to protect and grow it as one of the world's…

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Cordis: Where the circular economy and the Internet of Things meet

A team of EU-funded industrial partners and academic research institutions including Cambridge Judge is exploring how to develop a framework for a circular economy enhanced by the Internet of Things. Cambridge Judge students were seconded to companies in Poland, Belgium…

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Circular secondment

Cambridge Judge students work with companies in Poland, Cyprus and Belgium in a 1.7 million euro (£1.5 million) European Union project on the circular economy and the Internet of Things. Since the advent of commercial electricity more than a century…

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Expressing their opinion

Two Cambridge MBA students, Charles Heller and Paiak Vaid, have letters to the editor published in the Financial Times newspaper less than a week apart, on mobile infrastructure and tech hubs. Charles Heller (MBA 2018) Two current MBA students at…

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Fog computing

Paper co-authored by Professor Shahzad Ansari of Cambridge Judge, honoured by the Strategic Management Society at its annual conference, looks at how established firms can "draft off" a newer dominant technology to create a complementary product. A paper co-authored by…

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Circular Economy grant

The Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge shares EU grant to explore the interaction of the circular economy and the Internet of Things. The Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School will have a 237,000 euro (£208,000) share of…

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