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Bloomberg: Investors call for climate disclosures in company accounts

David Pitt-Watson, research fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on the call for corporate reporting to reflect climate-related risks. “Many companies in all sorts of industries are going to have to revalue their assets so that they are sustainable,”…

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Financial Times: Letters: Climate change risk will challenge even ESG funds

Dr Simon Taylor, Faculty (Professor level) in Management Practice (Finance) at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes in a letter to the Financial Times that climate change will challenge even investment funds focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. (subs)…

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Forbes: Inside the big threat to sustainable investing

A study on the outcomes from coordinated engagement co-authored by Dr Oğuzhan Karakaş and Professor Elroy Dimson from Cambridge Judge Business School featured in Forbes. The study found that “a two-tier engagement strategy, combining lead investors with supporting investors, is…

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The Wall Street Journal: What the history of very low interest rates can tell investors

Professor Elroy Dimson, Chairman of the Centre for Endowment Asset Management at Cambridge Judge Business School comments on relationship between real rates and equity returns in the Wall Street Journal article. (subs) Read the full article []…

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The Telegraph: How to invest like… John Maynard Keynes

A study on John Maynard Keynes's investments co-authored by Dr David Chambers and Professor Elroy Dimson at Cambridge Judge Business School is featured in The Telegraph. In the study the academics have acknowledged J.M. Keynes's idiosyncratic style. "Stories of share…

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Stanford Business: Stimulus money might stimulate insider trading

A study co-authored by Alan Jagolinzer, Professor of Financial Accounting at Cambridge Judge Business School, found that “politically connected shareholders cashed in with suspiciously well-timed trades during the 2008 federal bailout.” The study examined trades made by officers and directors…

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MarketWatch: Opinion: Bulls just won’t believe what interest rates are saying about U.S. stock and bond returns for the next 5 years

Professor Elroy Dimson, Chairman of the Centre for Endowment Asset Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, was talking about low real investment returns in a recent CFA Institute webinar. This is based on historical data of stock and bond returns…

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Discontinuous transformation

Leisurely pace of change not quick enough for many businesses in COVID-19 era. "Discontinuous" transformation rather than a leisurely pace of change will be needed at many businesses in the COVID-19 (coronavirus) era, Dr Kishore Sengupta of Cambridge Judge Business…

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Low returns

The next generation will face real investment returns of only two per cent based on historical data, says Professor Elroy Dimson. The "Generation Z" born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s will likely face a future of very low annualised…

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Beta activism

Third-stage corporate governance is taking centre stage over climate change, says Jon Lukomnik, a recent Pembroke Visiting Professor at Cambridge Judge Business School. Jon Lukomnik, the Managing Director of Sinclair Capital LLC and former Executive Director of the Investor Responsibility…

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