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Responsible Investor: Why accounting really matters for climate change, and what you need to know about it

David Pitt-Watson, Research Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about a new accounting approach which is compatible with climate sustainability. “Investors have been clear that they want the companies they own to commit to a business model which is…

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Institutional Investing: Large short sellers in the area? Activist campaigns are more likely to succeed

A study on hedge fund activism co-authored by Dr Pedro Saffi, Reader in Financial Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, featured in the article. The study found that “activist investors are more likely to start new campaigns in companies that…

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Green enterprise

Investors are drawn to climate-change entrepreneurs as society realises it faces a 'world war'-like threat requiring sustained engagement, says Chris Coleridge of Cambridge Judge Business School. By Dr Chris Coleridge Dr Chris Coleridge Entrepreneurs and not just big corporates are…

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An entrepreneur gazes through the window at a view full of greenery.

Deeper measurement

Outcome and impacts are key for environmental, social and governance issues, Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville of Cambridge Judge says in Harvard Business Review article. Companies need to do a better job of measuring outcomes and impacts related to environmental, social and…

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Abstract smart nature scene, networking, technology with network communication, measure the nature, power of nature An app-based recommendation framework for investor adoption of crypto assets

Study co-authored by Dr Andrei Kirilenko, Reader in Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School develops app-based recommendation framework for investor adoption of crypto assets. "Platforms or apps of such companies as Amazon or Tripadvisor serve as a kind of filtering…

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Over the horizon

University endowments use their long-term perspective to invest countercyclically at times of stock-market crisis, says new study at the Centre for Endowment Asset Management at Cambridge Judge Business School. While many retail investors may want to take a long-term perspective,…

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Horizon view of the city of Cambridge.

Are cryptocurrencies priced in the cross-section? A portfolio approach

Dr Adelphe Ekponon Most papers, that study determinants of cryptocurrency prices, find no relation to existing market factors. In a work-in-progress, CCFin/CERF Research Associate Adelphe Ekponon and Kassi Assamoi (Liquidity Analyst at MUFG Securities and University of Warwick) examine a…

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Overcoming growth obstacles

Ambition, a diverse skillset and holding your nerve are essential to navigate the “speed bumps” that impede business growth, the CEO of Business Banking at Barclays, Ian Rand, told an audience at an Enterprise Tuesday event at Cambridge Judge Business…

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