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Steve Street, IBM Global Services: Services science – thinking about service in an innovative, integrated way

Steve Street, Senior IT Architect for UK & Ireland New Business, Integrated Technology Delivery, IBM Global Services, explains why the financial meltdown, which demonstrates the limitations of a purely financial model, will motivate a move towards multiple sources of value.…

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Steve street

The logic of luck

Today's ICT revolution is changing the way corporations, governments and non-profits are organised. The pyramid hierarchy is being replaced by a complex network of nodes where command and control has little leverage. Successful leaders will now be those who can…

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2009 podcast meyer logic of luck

Government IT for today’s “Internet Native” society

Dr Mark Thompson, University Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, explains why the UK Government would benefit from the introduction of an open IT procurement process, supported by open standards and open source models. This model would create…

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2009 podcast thompson government it