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Jochen Runde

4 key reflections on 14 years of Cambridge Executive Education

Professor Jochen Runde reflects on his lengthy tenure as Academic Programme Director of the Cambridge General Management Programme (GMP), and successor Dr Shasha Lu points the way forward. After 14 years as Academic Programme Director of the Cambridge General Management…

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Professor Jochen Runde teaching on the GMP.

Probability, risk and uncertainty

A century later, work on uncertainty by F.H. Knight and J.M. Keynes remain highly relevant in areas ranging from economics and finance to insurance, law and management, says Jochen Runde, Professor of Economics & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School.…

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Faculty honours

Cambridge Judge Business School faculty are awarded Teaching Prizes and Faculty Activity Awards. Six members of the Cambridge Judge Business School faculty were awarded Teaching Prizes for their teaching excellence across the School’s various programmes. In addition, three faculty members…

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Shifting ad focus

Advertising will shift to new 'subtler forms' as ad-free subscription platforms grow, Dr Allègre Hadida of Cambridge Judge says in new publication. Advertising will increasingly take "subtler forms, such as product placement or sponsorship" in a world that may become…

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From turntables to bitstreams

A blogpost on technological objects, their identities and system functions, and the research path behind it. By Jochen Runde, Professor of Economics and Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School Editor's note: As the pages of this website attest, academic research…

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Risky business (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

Companies and countries have always dealt with risks, but new threats such as cyber security are now changing the equation. How do you measure risk, what is the impact of recent events such as the Brexit vote, and what is…

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Teaching quality

Professor Jochen Runde of Cambridge Judge honoured as a winner of the 2017 Pilkington Prize for teaching quality at the University of Cambridge. Jochen Runde, Professor of Economics & Organisation and the Director of Faculty at Cambridge Judge Business School,…

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The West Australian: Expecting the unexpected

Jochen Runde, Professor of Economics & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses the challenge of imagining possible futures in light of recent work on “unknown unknowns” and “black swans”. “The idea is that at least some unknown unknowns, some…

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Why Cambridge academics believe that Francis Bacon (1561-1626) may hold the key to business success

Researchers from Cambridge Judge Business School are developing a groundbreaking new approach to assessing - and managing - business risk and identifying business opportunity. Today's business climate is global, fast-moving, driven by rapidly evolving technology. Innovation's about the future, not…

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Special lectures will explore how to avoid ‘Black Swans’

Expert on 'Black Swan' events Professor Jochen Runde will deliver lectures in Johannesburg and Cape Town and launch a Cambridge MBA scholarship open to South African candidates. How organisations can avoid being blindsided by ‘Black Swan’ events is the subject…

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