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Kath Austin

Invested Investor: Take a pass on plastic

Kath Austin, founder of the BeeBee Wraps social venture, talks about the main challenges for her business and how support from the Cambridge Social Ventures programme helped her to move forward. She said mentorship on the programme “really helped me…

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The Guardian: The startups paving the way for a world without plastic

BeeBee Wraps is featured in the article looking on efforts to end our dependence on plastic. The venture, supported by Cambridge Social Ventures, part of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation, produces eco-friendly washable biodegradable food wraps that can last…

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Venturing forth: BeeBee Wraps

Replacing plastic, one wrap at a time. Speaking with a friend, Kath Austin heard how people in pre-plastic days used cotton coated with beeswax to preserve food – and she wondered whether this ancient technology could help with a very…

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