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BBC Radio 4: The Bottom Line

Presenter Evan Davis focuses on the topic of unassailability in business. How a market leading firm, such as Myspace or Kodak, failed to spot disruption to their sector which led to a failure of competitiveness. Dr Kamal Munir, Reader in…

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Picture perfect?

When Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012, one man was not surprised. Dr Kamal Munir explains how he predicted the companies' problems in 2005 – and how his research has much to say to technology-driven businesses. In the 1970s, the…

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The reasons behind Kodak’s demise

Researcher at Cambridge Judge Business School shares his findings into Kodak's downfall Dr Kamal Munir, Reader in Strategy and Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, will be talking about his research on the American company, Eastman Kodak, and the reasons…

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A brave new world

In today's fast moving technological world, successful companies will be those brave enough to invest in start-ups and create their own competitors. Taking the example of Kodak, who floundered in the face of emerging digital technologies, Dr Kamal Munir, Reader…

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