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Laura Claus

Activism through ‘masking’

How can organisations disguise campaigns as grassroots movements to challenge protected practices? Paper co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School on child marriage in Indonesia is named Best Article at Academy of Management annual meeting. How do organisations oppose practices that…

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Black and white photo of a woman holding a mask away from her face to reveal a serious expression.

Social change

Study co-authored by Professor Paul Tracey on challenging 'guarded institutions' is featured in Stanford Social Innovation Review. theater white mask A study co-authored by Professor Paul Tracey of Cambridge Judge Business School about how social change organisations can challenge "guarded…

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Stanford Social Innovation Review: Researchers explain how international NGOs pursue advocacy in the face of government opposition

A research paper co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School reconstructs how an international children’s rights organisation worked in Indonesia to disrupt highly institutionalised child marriage. The paper by Dr Laura Claus and Professor Paul Tracey examines how NGOs navigate such…

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Unsettling research

No ivory tower here: how academics are affected by research in unsettling contexts like refugee camps, prisons and rape-crisis centres. A frequent refrain voiced about academic institutions is that there is too much “ivory tower” research divorced from the realities…

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Enterprise in Africa

Local context matters for entrepreneurship in developing countries where Western ideas of profit may not fit the 'collectivist' culture, says article by Laura Claus and Dr Neil Stott of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Neil Stott While "entrepreneurship" may be…

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2018 News: Enterprise in Africa.

Social innovation, over time

Community activists tend to seek urgent solutions, but a new study from the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation emphasises how patience is essential for cross-sector development work. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people working in community organisations are not known as the most…

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Research recognition

Cambridge Judge PhDs nominated for prestigious awards for their research at top management conferences. Two PhD candidates at the School have been nominated for prestigious awards for their research papers, which they will present at two upcoming top management conferences.…

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2016 05 12 research recognition

‘Hybrid’ honours

Awards for PhD student Laura Claus for studies on 'hybridity'. Laura Claus, a PhD candidate at Cambridge Judge Business School, recently was honoured with two awards relating to her research conducted along with her PhD advisor, Shaz Ansari, on the…

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