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Venturing forth: Legal Sphere

A startup currently on the Accelerate Cambridge programme aims to help small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) get legal support in an easier and cost-efficient manner for issues such as taxation or intellectual property. If someone's bathroom tap is broken, they…

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Business Weekly: Gender diversity pushes elite UK law firms towards non-equity partnership model

Gender diversity, but not compensation disparity, pushes elite UK law firms toward the adoption of “non-equity partnerships”, finds a new study co-authored by Dr Thomas Roulet and Dr Lionel Paolella of Cambridge Judge Business School. The study looks at some…

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UK law firms

Gender diversity, but not compensation disparity, pushes elite UK law firms toward the adoption of "non-equity partnerships", finds new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. Law firms in Britain and many other countries have traditionally been based on a…

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Improving legal processes with technology

New chapter by Filip Corveleyn (EMBA 2010) explains how large companies can utilise technology to improve their legal processes. "Companies are used to applying efficiency techniques to production and service tasks, but their legal processes are often overlooked," explains Filip…

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Forbes: Too many legal awards – too little custom satisfaction

A study co-authored by LexisNexis and Kishore Sengupta, Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, found “unambiguous evidence of a significant and persistent disconnect between law firms and their clients." Read the full article []…

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Adapt or die – why the UK’s top law firms must embrace change to survive

Fear of the unknown is no excuse not to embrace change, says new research from Dr Kishore Sengupta. "People are paralysed by the unknown," says Kishore Sengupta, Reader in Operations Management at the Cambridge Judge Business School, "and lawyers especially live…

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Social media: law’s new frontier

Author of Social Media & the Law, Laura Scaife explains why technology is not a law-free zone. From her CV, it's hard to believe that Laura Scaife, self-labelled "data privacy, cyber and social media specialist", is only 28. Author of…

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Law sans frontières: the future

For law firms, the focus has shifted to how, rather than where, the best work can be done. Law is undergoing the greatest geographic shift in perhaps the last 30 years. Business that used to be conducted in London or…

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Women lawyers will change the world

Antonia Croke, senior associate at Ashurst LLP, argues that culture change is possible. I wholeheartedly believe in diversity. I had a mother who worked and a grandmother who firmly believed in educating women, and I believe that if you give…

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Want flexible hours? Clients are key

Some new firms are finding ways to ensure that a lawyer's professional life leaves room for their personal life. Flux finds out how lawyers, and their clients, have to adapt to flexible working. A few years back, Washington-based lawyer Maria…

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