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From the military to the corporate world: a natural transition?

Switching from a military background to the corporate world might seem like a leap of faith, but the skills gained from military training – not least leadership, teamwork, and the ability to work under extreme pressure – are key to…

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Running soldiers carrying weapons.

How can leaders make their organisations more psychologically safe – and what might it mean if they don’t?

Psychological safety is fundamental to successful collaboration and innovation. Cambridge MBA guest speaker, Dr Jummy Okoya, explains how organisations can create a culture where employees feel free to speak up and voice their opinions and what impact it can have…

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Smiling female MBA student.

Executive Education: Developing Arab leadership in the Israeli business community

An organisation that seeks to boost Arab leadership in Israel, Kav Mashve, in cooperation with Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, brought 12 MBA students to Cambridge for an immersive Executive Education programme at Cambridge Judge Business School. An Arab born in…

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Participants on the Al-Mada programme outside the gates of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Taking the sting out of stress

Cambridge MBA Success and Wellbeing Coach and best-selling author, Dr Helena Kim, shares strategies to empower you as you deal with stress. Stress: when the going gets tough, the tough get a break Sometimes spurring us on, sometimes overwhelming us,…

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Smiling MBA student.

Helping the planet during a cost-of-living crisis

Timo Boldt, an Executive MBA graduate of Cambridge Judge Business School (EMBA 2014) who founded meal-in-a-box firm Gousto a decade ago, says sustainability and share of stomach go hand in hand. Timo Boldt Timo Boldt, founder and CEO of meal-in-a-box…

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Gousto aims to grow its “share of stomach” through using technology to make meals more healthy, affordable and sustainable.

Regulatory Genome Project names Technology Group Chair

Sholthana Begum of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority is appointed Chair of the Technology Group of the Regulatory Genome Project at Cambridge Judge Business School. Sholthana Begum, Head of Data and Data Strategy at the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA),…

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Sholthana Begum.

Forbes: For justice, forensic science must be scientific – the case of Kevin Keith

Sunita Sah, a Fellow of Cambridge Judge Business School (Operations and Technology Management), writes about the intersection of leadership, science and policy in the specific case of Kevin Keith. Read the full article []…

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Meet the Professors: we introduce the inspiring people teaching on the 2022/23 Cambridge MBA – Thomas Roulet

In the three years since Thomas Roulet took up his post as Deputy Director of the MBA programme, the global speed of change has been remarkable. It has been a fascinating time for a man whose research interests lie in…

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Thomas Roulet.

Business Weekly: Form the Future strengthens leadership team with Shah appointment

Form the Future has appointed Prashant Shah, alumnus of Cambridge Judge Business School (MPhil Management Studies 1995), as Chair to strengthen its leadership team. “With established partnerships across diverse industries and schools, Form the Future is leading the way in…

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‘My way’? Not always. Why CEOs are not all cocky and overconfident

New study co-authored by Jenny Chu of Cambridge Judge Business School challenges the popular portrayal of CEOs as overconfident risk-seekers down each and every highway. CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) are frequently caricatured as cocky and narcissistic people who do it…

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Pensive businessman in a limousine with glass of champagne and smoking cigar.