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Uniting for the planet’s future: business schools join forces to tackle climate change

Business Schools for Climate Leadership, a group of eight European business schools including Cambridge Judge, launches a second series of webinars to accelerate climate-change action. Business Schools for Climate Leadership (BS4CL), a group of eight European business schools including Cambridge…

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Heating earth on a grey background.

The Telegraph: Does power really corrupt? Why genetics could be behind politicians repeating career-ending mistakes

Thomas Roulet, Associate Professor in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School and author of The power of being divisive, is among experts who believe people pursuing power could be genetically influenced to either seek authority directly or exhibit the…

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Honest workplace dialogue is essential

Teamwork and straightforward conversations are essential, and especially so in cramped space vehicles, former astronaut Michael Foale tells Cambridge MBA students at Cambridge Judge Business School. Difficult situations can arise in even the best work environments, so it’s important to…

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International Space Station orbiting Earth.

Forbes China: Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge – What are the biggest challenges facing CEOs today?

Kamal Munir, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge Judge Business School, says changing technology has redefined the industry landscape and created new challenges for business leaders across industries when it comes to business. “Different industries are rapidly integrating into the larger ecosystem. Your…

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Post pandemic change for ballet companies

Pandemic offers a unique opportunity for ballet companies to innovate, says paper by Megan Jones, an Executive MBA graduate of Cambridge Judge. Megan Jones Cultural and creative sectors were some of the worst affected by the pandemic, and of those,…

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Close up of three ballerina's feet in ballet shoes.

Forbes: Today’s biggest challenges for CEOs according to Cambridge Pro Vice Chancellor Kamal Munir

Kamal Munir, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Cambridge Judge Business School, speaks about how the ever-shifting technologies have redefined the industry landscape, creating new contemporary challenges for business leaders across sectors.“The whole concept of industry has become dangerously misleading. Threats that organisations…

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Harvard Business Review: Business schools must do more to address the climate crisis

Dr Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Diageo Professor in Organisation Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, co-authored an article discussing how business schools have much to contribute to the fight against climate change.  A group of eight business schools has come together to find…

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World Economic Forum: Struggling to retain top talent? Try corporate empathy

Dr Jochen Menges, Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on empathy in workplace. “If leaders are able to read and regulate their own and their team’s emotions, they can better help people navigate uncertainty and…

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Poets & Quants: ‘A crucial role to play’: Top business school Deans share 2022 resolutions

Professor Mauro F Guillén, Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on resolutions for business education in 2022. He says this year ‘will be the year of being patient’: “After two years of pandemic, people are fatigued. So are companies…

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The Times: KPMG chair Bina Mehta vows to put auditor’s house in order

An interview with KPMG chair Bina Mehta, a Fellow in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge's Entrepreneurship Centre. Ms Mehta, appointed to the role in February 2021, is the first non-executive chairwoman to lead KPMG UK in its 150 years history. (subs)…

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