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Cultivating luck

Three steps can help people make the most of serendipity to advance their careers and fulfilment, says a new Harvard Business Review article co-authored by Thomas Roulet of Cambridge Judge Business School. Three key steps – keep an open mind,…

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Cartoon of a man spinning a colourful wheel of fortune.

Laser-like focus, plus a bit of luck

Cambridge MBA alumnus Tommy Katzenellenbogen went from Israel to Cambridge to Silicon Valley, where he helped launch a tech startup that protects India’s international borders. CRON Systems, a technology startup co-founded by Cambridge MBA alumnus Tommy Katzenellenbogen, is now helping…

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Financial Times: Hire unlucky leaders, they’re good value

Stefan Stern looks at the role luck plays in business and features a study co-authored by Mark de Rond, Reader in Strategy & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School. The study investigated luck and its impact on business and found…

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Rolling the dice

Luck often separates the good and the great in business, finds new study urging shift in management focus. Management books and business school case studies have long focused on the top performers in business and how to move from "good…

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Anne Bouverot, GSMA: Transparency is paramount in organisational change

Director General of the GSMA, Anne Bouverot, stressed the importance of 'transparency' in dealing with staff involved in merged companies when she addressed MBA students in her Cambridge Leadership Seminar. GSMA is the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association - an alliance…

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The logic of luck

Today's ICT revolution is changing the way corporations, governments and non-profits are organised. The pyramid hierarchy is being replaced by a complex network of nodes where command and control has little leverage. Successful leaders will now be those who can…

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